12 Sexy Truth Or Dare Questions To Spice Things Up

Remember that old game of truth or dare? You would ask someone to reveal a deep inner truth - if they didn't want to do that, they had to take the dare. The older the players got, the more decidedly intimate the questions were, and the spicier the dares became. Many a stupid stunt was completed during a game or truth or dare, but by the same token, many sexy feelings were … [Read more...]

How Love Notes Keep the Fire Raging!

Maybe you know what to say to your partner when you're both in bed in the heat of the moment. But what about those times when you're apart? Talking on the phone might not be possible, and email might be impossible too, depending on the work situation and who might be privy to the words you type. But there is a surefire way to keep your lover hot and ready for you - and … [Read more...]

More Dirty Talk Tips!

When you are in the mood to talk dirty to your partner, these tips will come in quite handy. Which ones will help you make the most of your naughty experience? … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Did you know dirty talk is good for you? It's true! Talking dirty to your partner can increase your sexual satisfaction. By telling your lover exactly what feels good and describing in detail what you want him to do, you are sure to reach a higher level of sexual pleasure. The better the satisfaction, the more health benefits. … [Read more...]

Five Tools to Successful Flirting

You’ve heard people described as “such a flirt;” and you, too, want to be able to harness that skill. Flirting is fun because it not only fulfills some of your instinctual needs to interact with others, but it also demonstrates to others your degree of interest in them. Likewise, the response to your flirtation indicates the degree of interest in you. Along with being … [Read more...]

Dress Up Your Dirty Talk with Sexy Lingerie

Dirty talk is always good, but dirty talk with lingerie is even better! If you really want to impress your man with your dirty talking prowess, spice up the sexy session with a bit of satin and lace. You don't have to dress like a slut -- unless you want to, of course! You just have to dress up in something different, something a bit special, to show your partner that you … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Get HIM To Call YOU

Yes, there was a day when we all would sit by our phones and wait for the phone call. Oh, we’d put the TV on, or do things around the house to “feel” busy like we weren’t really waiting for him to call...but we were. Nowadays women have gotten a little more independent, and we don’t really need him to call ALL the time, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped WANTING him to … [Read more...]

Graceful Ways To Say Goodbye To Your One-Night Stand

How many times have you done the "walk of shame" after a wild night with a complete stranger? Come on, admit it -- if you haven't done it, you've thought about it, or you've come a bit too close for comfort. What is incredibly hot at night can be astonishingly bad in the light of day, both in terms of your conscience and in terms of the person you wake up next to. … [Read more...]

8 “Not So Dirty” Things Men Love To Hear

Do you know what trips your man's trigger? There are some clean and dirty phrases that bring out the happy side of your man and feed his ego at the same time. If he's feeling down and out, try any of these and watch him perk up! … [Read more...]

A “Famous” Twist On Roleplaying Games

Do you love to slide through celebrity websites, trying to find the latest news of the day? Do you salivate over the perfect paparazzi photograph? Is there someone in the public eye that makes your heart pound and your fantasies go haywire? We might not all be able to partake of the pleasures of those celebrity auras, but we can definitely turn being famous into a … [Read more...]

Trenchcoats And Ribbons – How To Surprise Your Partner

Yes, we've all heard the stories of the woman who went to her lover's office wearing nothing but a trench coat and high heels. We've heard the stories of the woman who greeted her husband at the door wearing nothing but a bright red ribbon and a smile. Sure, they might work to turn your lover on and give them a memory to smile about, but are there other - perhaps more … [Read more...]