Role Playing 101

Dirty talk and adult role playing tend to go hand-in-hand. When you start down the road of dirty talk, you might wind up expressing fantasies and desires that you never knew you had -- or ones that you knew existed in the back of your mind, but that you never shared with anyone else. Sometimes those fantasies can turn into seriously naughty dirty talk sessions. … [Read more...]

More Dirty Talk Tips!

When you are in the mood to talk dirty to your partner, these tips will come in quite handy. Which ones will help you make the most of your naughty experience? … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Dominatrix: How to Take Control

Dominating your partner with dirty talk might be much easier than you think. The key to becoming a dirty talk dominatrix lies in recognizing what your partner wants to give to you, even if they don't put those desires into words. Many men love to be dominated, but they understand that physically, it can be tough for a woman to wield power over them. However, get into a … [Read more...]

Fetish Lessons: What’s Your Fetish?

Your fetish might not be as odd as you think. Most people believe their fetishes are rather "out there" and don't jive with what most "normal" people like, but you could be surprised. Sure, your neighbor might not talk about their dirty fetishes, and your sex education surely never mentioned anything about the more taboo things you might come to like as an adult, but trust … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Tips and Tricks from Porn Stars

Dirty talk takes many forms. One of the more hardcore forms of dirty talk is found in the hotter-than-hot porn videos that seem to be all the rage among the male side of the population. While porn for women tends to focus more on relationships and emotions with a dash of hot and rowdy sex thrown in, porn for men is all about the eye candy, with a bit of dirty talk … [Read more...]

Sex Jewelry for an Interesting Sex Life

You are probably aware of many items of sex jewelry, though you might not realize it. Nipple clamps are a form of jewelry that are meant for eroticism, as is the cock ring. Some pieces of sex jewelry might be much more subtle, like the ear clamps that are meant to stimulate certain points through acupressure, or bracelets and chokers that are meant to be latched onto … [Read more...]

4 Unusual Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom Action

It happens to the best of us: from time to time, things get boring in bed. Maybe it's because the old moves still feel so damn good, or maybe it's a matter of simply slowing down a bit and forgetting what lit the spark in the first place. Whatever the reason, boredom happens -- the key is knowing how to get out of that rut you've found yourself in. … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Phrases to Shock and Awe

So you have a great relationship, but you want to spice it up. You've tried all the dirty talk phrases you can think of, and now you're wondering what could possibly be new. What can you say that you haven't said before? The key to dirty talk phrases that shock and awe your partner is to get right into their head -- to pay attention to what turns them on and use it to … [Read more...]

So You Cheated…And He Liked It?

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine, one who I believed was quite the faithful type. She never looked at other men, never talked about what it might be like to be with someone else, and she showed how much she loved her husband every time she uttered his name. This was the last person on earth who would stray. … [Read more...]

The Art Of The Dirty Talk Voice Mail

Are you ready to talk dirty to your partner - but he's away on business? Or he's just up the road but unable to answer his phone? Getting voice mail might be frustrating for some, but for those who are naughty-minded, leaving a message at the tone is a dirty thrill! There is an art to leaving naughty voice mails, however. Here's a primer on what you should do...and what … [Read more...]

How To Keep The Phone Sex Hot

When you're in a long distance relationship, phone sex becomes the essential part of keeping the sex life alive. It's a sure bet Old Mr. Bell never expected his invention to be used for such naughty things, but aren't we grateful for it? … [Read more...]