Tell Me How To Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend

Learning how to talk dirty to your boyfriend can be easy if you know which triggers to press. What turns him on? What does he like in bed? What does he fantasize about? Being able to talk dirty to your boyfriend can be hot if you tap into those fantasies and spin a naughty tale for him with your words. Start out by telling him what you think when you’re in bed. Use … [Read more...]

Want to Turn Him On? Steam Up His Inbox!

Everybody uses email these days, don't they? It's easier than picking up the phone, and it's almost as immediate. In the early days of email, it was the domain of big business and networks. It quickly became a more personal way of communication, and that's good news for hot and horny couples! Want to turn him on when he's not around? Steam up his inbox! Sending out … [Read more...]

3 Things You Need To Know Before Your Male Friend Becomes Your Boyfriend

Every woman that has ever had a male friend has fallen into this sort of “dilemma”. Your wonderful and attractive male friend has started to look a little differently to you. Is he cuter today or is it just you? Is he being exceptionally sweet or is it just you? Did that comment actually sound like flirting, or is it just you? It is so easy to feel attracted to someone of … [Read more...]

Talking Tough Part 3: Making up is fun to do!

The fight is over. Even if you haven’t come to an agreement, you’ve at least come to an understanding and taken the time to really listen to each other. By now, your tempers have cooled, and that familiar passionate feeling you have toward your lover is creeping back in. … [Read more...]

3 Simple Steps To Dealing With The Blowoff

Every woman has been here at least once. The Blowoff. You’re with a guy, connecting really great, maybe 5, 6 dates in, and you are finally starting to see things come to fruition. You are picturing yourself with this man on a long-term basis. You aren’t moisturizing your ring finger any time soon, but this is definitely looking good. Couldn’t be better actually. And … [Read more...]

How To Talk Dirty

This is a great video that explains how to talk dirty in 5 steps. Now obviously there is much more to talking dirty than just this video but it is a good start. … [Read more...]