Having Sex With An Ex: Is It Ever A Good Idea?

Sex with an ex? Who in their right mind would do that, right? After all, that person is an ex for a very good reason. But then again, remember how hot the sex was? Perhaps sex with an ex isn't such a bad idea after all... The sex with an ex question comes up time and time again, and everyone seems to have a different answer to the age-old question. Should you do it with … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk With Your Ex? Oooooh, Yes!

Almost everyone has an ex. And if you have an ex, you probably have a bit of that "I should have done this" or "I could have made things better if..." kind of thoughts. Regrets of the "could have been" variety, so to speak. There are entire websites, books, television shows and movies based on getting your ex back. There are even more of them based on making your ex … [Read more...]