Brush Up on Dirty Talk with Erotic Writing

Have you ever run out of dirty words for your dirty talk? That’s when you head to your friendly neighborhood bookstore and pick up a few dirty books. No, we’re not talking about those books that have nothing but pictures in them – we’re talking about the ultra hot, intellectual, full-of-ideas erotic novels and anthologies that give you great options for talking dirty to … [Read more...]

A Phone Sex Story

Are you in the mood for some steamy phone sex? Share this story with your partner to get all hot and bothered...or enjoy it all by yourself! Coming Across The Miles "You like that, don't you, baby?" The sound of his voice was the sweet delight that made her shiver. She was lying on the couch, phone in one hand while the other hand was busy exploring lower regions, … [Read more...]

Shy About Phone Sex? We Can Fix That!

Phone sex is one of the hottest forms of dirty talk, and for good reason - when you're having phone sex, it's easier to let your inhibitions go. Talking to someone over the phone is much less intimidating as breaking out the dirty talk when you're face-to-face. Phone sex also still holds a bit of a "taboo" feel - years ago it was something done in strict privacy with a … [Read more...]

More On “Shock and Awe” – Taking Dirty To The Next Level!

Yesterday we talked about how to fulfill your lover's craving for a bit of "shock and awe" dirty talk. Now we've got some examples for you to try out tonight!Think about what your lover likes to hear and then try some of these spicier suggestions to open up new doors in the bedroom: If he likes the thought of being with two women, try these: Blindfold him and tell … [Read more...]

How To Write Your Own Dirty Story

From time to time we've suggested writing your own dirty story as a way of turning your partner on and spurring the dirty talk fun. But what if you don't quite know where to start? This little guide might help, so read on! … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk He Will Cherish? Yes!

The whole world is wired together via the Internet these days, and that means your lover probably is, too. You can take advantage of that fact by sending him lots of dirty thoughts via email! … [Read more...]

How to Read a Dirty (Talk) Story…

Are you one of those eager lovers who wants to talk dirty to your partner, but every word out of your mouth sounds forced and contrived? Are you well-versed in what you should say, but when the time comes to utter those naughty words, you can't seem to say anything at all? On the other hand, are you the absolute best when it comes to writing naughty emails or sending … [Read more...]