8 Words You Can Text Right Now To Start Dirty Talk

There is a dirty talker in all of us, believe it or not. Any woman in this day and age who is involved in a romantic and sexually active relationship yearns to take her relationship to that “next level” with a little bit of dirty talk, if she hasn’t done so already. The problem is that for so long, society has forbidden us to do so, and as a result, some of us are a little … [Read more...]

How to Dirty Text a Guy

Imagination; this is the key word you want to have in mind when you want to dirty text with a guy.  A woman always wants to come across sexy and confident but sometimes, this can be a tricky, especially over text message.  However, with a few pointers, we should be able to calm those fears and have your guy begging to see you after a few sultry messages! … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Danger: When You Sext The Wrong Person!

You know how embarrassing it can be when you dial the wrong number and hear a strange voice on the other end of the line. Sometimes you stammer your way through the "I'm sorry" before you hang up, and then you wonder how you could have made such a mistake in the first place. Now, imagine that same kind of embarrassment, only multiplied by hundreds -- because you just sent … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Plus Dirty Photos = One Happy Partner

Have you wondered what you can do to heat up your text messages even further? When it seems like your sexting is as hot as it can be, guess what? There's even more you can do! Most phones these days have a camera attached to them, and the ability to send photographs just as easily as you send a text. Much has been said about the dangers of cell phone pictures falling … [Read more...]