Dirty Talk in Public: How to Get It On In Front of Everyone

Dirty talk in public is not only possible, it's hot as hell when the circumstances are right. Talking dirty to your partner doesn't always have to happen in the privacy of your own home, or even in your own bedroom - you can turn the dirty talk up a notch by offering sexy words when you're right in the middle of the mall, the grocery store, the park, or even the family … [Read more...]

Naughty Tricks for Dirty Talk

In the mood for dirty talk? There are all kinds of ways to get your partner revved up for some naughty action! If you’re the chatty kind but your partner is more laid back, bring out the wild man in him by trying a few of these tips the next time your bedroom lioness wants to roar. … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Get Away With Dirty Talk In Public

So you want to talk dirty to your partner...but there are so many people around that almost anyone will be able to hear your conversation? You've still got options! Don't let a little problem like being in a public place keep you from getting your dirty mind on...and give your guy the thrill of his life with your bold and sassy moves. Here are a few tips to get away … [Read more...]

Unleash Your Dirty Side In Unexpected Places

Sometimes dirty talk in the bedroom can seem like...well, the same old fun in the bedroom! Spice it up a bit by taking it outside...to the party...and even to the family reunion. Here are a few "unexpected places" where dirty talk, whispered into your lover's ear, might turn a ho-hum evening into something you will never, ever forget. … [Read more...]

Public Dirty Talk Lesson: On The Beach

Talking dirty doesn't have to be done in the privacy of your bedroom! You can make things hotter by taking it elsewhere - and you can make things especially steamy by taking it public! But how can you pull off such a thing without embarrassing yourself or getting arrested? Being subtle and watching your partner for cues is the best way to keep things on the "down low" … [Read more...]

Surprise Your Lover With Dirty Talk At Work

One of the sexiest things a person could do when they want to rev the dirty talk engine is take it to the workplace. We don't mean getting up on the desk and doing a striptease for your boss (unless you're secretly sleeping with your boss, of course), and we don't mean getting into trouble at the next conference meeting because someone caught your steamy email messages to … [Read more...]