12 Sexy Truth Or Dare Questions To Spice Things Up

Remember that old game of truth or dare? You would ask someone to reveal a deep inner truth - if they didn't want to do that, they had to take the dare. The older the players got, the more decidedly intimate the questions were, and the spicier the dares became. Many a stupid stunt was completed during a game or truth or dare, but by the same token, many sexy feelings were … [Read more...]

Take a Dirty Talk Holiday!

The holidays are here! Now that everything is cheery and bright, give your partner the gift of a brand-new dirty talking you. How, you ask? Make it a dirty talk holiday! Do you want to surprise your partner with something that they will never forget? Here are a few tips to make your dirty talk holiday extra-special. … [Read more...]

Dirty Games Can Get You Going?

Playing dirty games with your partner is a fantastic way to ease into dirty talk in the bedroom. But what if you are both already seasoned pros at the naughty talk game? If you've been following along with this blog and taking the steps to bring more spice into the bedroom, you have probably reached new heights of talking dirty. You and your partner might be able to say … [Read more...]