Keeping it Strong Across the Miles

You know that old saying about how distance makes the heart grow fonder? Well, it's true - if you know how to keep the distance hot and spicy! Revving up a relationship over the miles can be tough. Sometimes it seems as though geography, times zones, and a million other necessary annoyances are conspiring against you and your beloved. It might seem difficult to keep the … [Read more...]

Three Ways To Handle Online Dating Messages

Many of us have ventured into the world of online dating for a variety of reasons. In this day and age, many folks are pursuing online dating because of lack of time to get out and socialize in the real world, or because they enjoy the comfort and ‘safety’ of meeting people online and getting to know them better before pursuing something stronger. We’ve covered in the past … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Flirting With Your Body

Yes of course dirty talk has its time and its place, but did you know that there is an even more powerful tool to connect with your mate, and you don’t even have to breathe a word! Body language is a long cherished art form, and has been studied for centuries. Humans have this unique ability to communicate to each other through non verbal cues, and with these cues, humans … [Read more...]

Sexy Gift Ideas For A Dirty Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means! Most people like to get it on when this day of love rolls around, and often going "all out" in the sexual department makes this special holiday one you will never forget. Consider these gifts for your lover -- and get ready for a mind-blowing time! … [Read more...]

The Most Romantic Dirty Talk – Is It Time for the L-Word?

Valentine's Day usually brings out the romantic in us. It's a time of sharing the wonders of love (and lust!) with those who matter the most. It is often a reminder of just how wonderful our lover is, and this day set aside to commemorate how you feel about them can make you start to really evaluate just what they mean to you. Now might be a good time to consider saying … [Read more...]

Top 11 Male Online Dating Profiles Decoded

Well girls, it’s the 21st century, and dating has taken on an all new life form. It’s quite the booming business, and dating online seems more “the norm” than it did in days gone by. Everybody’s doing it, and you hear a new “they’re getting married, oh did you know they met online?” story every day. Are you looking for your soulmate online? Coming from a girl who has read … [Read more...]

A Dirty Talk Date With A Sexy Stranger

You know the temptation. Don't you? The urge to walk up to that sexy stranger at the bar, the one who has had you mesmerized all night, and whisper something so naughty into his ear that he can't finish his drink. To shock him so deeply that he will turn around and stare at you, like you've been staring at him all night. To say something so dirty, so naughty, that you … [Read more...]

First Internet Date – Two Tips to Make it Succesful

You’ve weeded through the mire of the many oh-so-traditional (and maybe some not-so-traditional) dating sites, having spent precious time balanced between excitement and disappointment, to have finally (and hopefully) found someone worthy of devoting your time; and yes, you’ve agreed to a face-to-face meeting. … [Read more...]

Online Dating Warning Signs

When you move into the world of online dating, it is important to know the online dating warning signs. All too often, those who engage in online dating give out far too much personal information, or don't know the online dating warning signs that can tell them if someone is on the up-and-up. These warning signs can tell you if the person you are speaking with is serious … [Read more...]

Sex on the First Date: Good Idea? Terrible Choice?

Sex on the first date? Everyone knows that's a big no-no, right? After all, sex on the first date makes you look easy, it gives the fun away for free, it guarantees he will never call again, it's a sure way to screw up a very good thing, it's risky, it makes you feel ashamed and guilty when it's all over, and of course, it brands you as a slut. Right? Not so fast. Sex … [Read more...]