12 Sexy Truth Or Dare Questions To Spice Things Up

Remember that old game of truth or dare? You would ask someone to reveal a deep inner truth - if they didn't want to do that, they had to take the dare. The older the players got, the more decidedly intimate the questions were, and the spicier the dares became. Many a stupid stunt was completed during a game or truth or dare, but by the same token, many sexy feelings were … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk And Spanking

If you're into dirty talk, chances are you're open-minded. That means you just might be into other things...such as a little spanking, maybe? Many couples enjoy spanking. They love the sensation of warmth. They like the taboo feeling of doing something that their neighbors or coworkers might think they would never try. They enjoy the "submission quality" of the act, the … [Read more...]

Sexy Gift Ideas For A Dirty Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means! Most people like to get it on when this day of love rolls around, and often going "all out" in the sexual department makes this special holiday one you will never forget. Consider these gifts for your lover -- and get ready for a mind-blowing time! … [Read more...]

More Sexy Gift Ideas For Your Dirty Valentine!

Need more ideas for what to get your Valentine this year? We started out with a naughty list in yesterday's post, and now we're back with more unique ideas that are sure to get your lover hot and bothered! Which one of these naughty gifts will have both of you begging for more? … [Read more...]

The Most Romantic Dirty Talk – Is It Time for the L-Word?

Valentine's Day usually brings out the romantic in us. It's a time of sharing the wonders of love (and lust!) with those who matter the most. It is often a reminder of just how wonderful our lover is, and this day set aside to commemorate how you feel about them can make you start to really evaluate just what they mean to you. Now might be a good time to consider saying … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Tips and Tricks from Porn Stars

Dirty talk takes many forms. One of the more hardcore forms of dirty talk is found in the hotter-than-hot porn videos that seem to be all the rage among the male side of the population. While porn for women tends to focus more on relationships and emotions with a dash of hot and rowdy sex thrown in, porn for men is all about the eye candy, with a bit of dirty talk … [Read more...]

Household Objects That Can Heat Up Your Sex Life

Do you have a great sex life that needs a bit of spice...but you can't really afford to add another toy to your collection? No worries! There are several objects around your house, things that you might see or use every single day, that have a secret life as naughty sex toys. The best part about discovering their hidden talents is that once you learn what that naughty … [Read more...]

Is Your Naughty Dirty Talk Fantasy Normal?

Many people wonder if their fantasies are normal, or something that many other members of the population share. But how can you possibly know? Many people keep their fantasies close to the vest, and never speak of them in polite company. Even when you find someone who is willing and open to talking about their fantasies, how do you know that you're really getting the full … [Read more...]

Public Dirty Talk? It Can Be Done!

Who doesn't like to show off a bit? Even the most introverted of us have moments of wanting to be recognized for something, even if that recognition is only from one person among a sea of people. That's part of the appeal of public dirty talk -- the sea of people around you has no idea what is really going through your head, and the only person who truly knows is the … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Roleplaying On A Budget

The economic downturn has affected all of us, and in some cases, it has affected every aspect of our lives. Yes, that includes our sex lives! It can be tough to get your roleplaying game on when prices for those costumes are high and your bank account is not so healthy. But there are easy ways to roleplay on a budget. … [Read more...]

Want To Improve Your Sex Life? Consider Yoga.

The beautiful and sometimes difficult yoga positions might seem like a good workout, and they certainly are -- but the true goal of yoga is to use the body to align the mind and soul. By the time you are done with a yoga session, your body might feel tired, but it also feels alive! And if yoga is done right, your mind has been cleared, your emotions have been released, and … [Read more...]