Pssst…Want to Know the Secret of Happy Couples?

You know them when you see them. They are the couple that has been together for so long, they can read each other's thoughts. They might not say a word at the breakfast table, but their looks at each other over the morning paper speaks volumes. They are the ones who touch without realizing they You know them when you see them. But do you know their secret? Do you know how … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Get HIM To Call YOU

Yes, there was a day when we all would sit by our phones and wait for the phone call. Oh, we’d put the TV on, or do things around the house to “feel” busy like we weren’t really waiting for him to call...but we were. Nowadays women have gotten a little more independent, and we don’t really need him to call ALL the time, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped WANTING him to … [Read more...]