How to Talk Dirty to Your Lover on the Internet

Talking dirty to your lover on the internet might seem redundant if you actually see each other often, or even live in the same house together. But it's worth giving it a shot! Even the most committed, strong relationships find themselves in need of a pick-up from time to time, and the internet can give you that option without ever having to leave the privacy of your … [Read more...]

Talking Dirty Etiquette: Talking Dirty Online

Sometimes it seems like the whole internet is talking dirty. So it can be easy to assume that everyone wants to hear your dirty talk. But when you're playing on a community forum on the internet, keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people reading what your write, each with their own different opinions, kinks, and desires. So where does the talking … [Read more...]

Talking Dirty With Respect: Chat Room Etiquette

When you're diving into the wonderful world of dirty talk on the internet, chat rooms become a tempting playground. All those horny people! All those naughty ideas! You want to jump in and play, don't you? … [Read more...]