Having Sex With An Ex: Is It Ever A Good Idea?

Sex with an ex? Who in their right mind would do that, right? After all, that person is an ex for a very good reason. But then again, remember how hot the sex was? Perhaps sex with an ex isn't such a bad idea after all... The sex with an ex question comes up time and time again, and everyone seems to have a different answer to the age-old question. Should you do it with … [Read more...]

How To Get Over That Breakup With Style

It has happened to all of us at one time or another. You thought everything was going well, and then suddenly, you got the brush-off from someone who was supposedly into you. Depending upon how much emotional investment you had poured into the relationship, you might have been mildly upset, seriously pissed, or hurt so badly that you could hardly breathe. … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Handling The Bump In With An Ex

Oh, here is another place that we have all been to at one point or another, the ex boyfriend or ex husband bump in. Could be the grocery store, could be the post office, could be at “your” restaurant, it could be anywhere. And this is the key here, you really CAN bump into him anywhere, you may even bump into him online. We go through so many emotions during and after a … [Read more...]

The Best Revenge Is Great Dirty Talk

Unfortunately, too many of us know the feeling. You have just broken up with your partner, or been unceremoniously dumped, and you feel like the most undesirable person on the planet. There is no one to catch your fall, and after the tears are spent and your sadness gives way to anger, you have one thought: It's time to get back at the asshole who hurt you so badly! … [Read more...]

Breakup 101: When Dirty Talk Becomes Dirty Laundry

We've all seen it happen. It's the moment when the amicable breakup suddenly goes south. Someone decides the other person isn't hurting enough, and they want to remedy that situation. They decide to drag things that happened in the privacy of the bedroom out into the light, in the hopes of striking back at the person they blame for their broken heart. What was once a great … [Read more...]

3 Of The Less Obvious Signs He May Not Be That Into You….Anymore.

Yikes, the Breakup. So many of us always say after the fact, “But I didn’t see it coming!”. As women, we say that because if we had seen it coming, we could have maybe stopped it all together. The truth is, you probably did see the signs, you just didn’t want to admit be honest with yourself because the truth hurts. And who wants to face that if they absolutely don’t … [Read more...]