How To Create The Naughty Talk Love Nest

Naughty talk in public is fun. So is naughty talk over the phone, over the internet, on the bus, on the subway, while driving to your parents' house in the car, while behind closed doors at work, and even while handling all those errands throughout the day -- that's what Bluetooth headsets were created for, right? But dirty talk in the privacy of your own home can be a … [Read more...]

More Sexy Gift Ideas For Your Dirty Valentine!

Need more ideas for what to get your Valentine this year? We started out with a naughty list in yesterday's post, and now we're back with more unique ideas that are sure to get your lover hot and bothered! Which one of these naughty gifts will have both of you begging for more? … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Get His Attention – Fast.

Many people believe a woman can get a man's attention by simply walking through the room. But when you really want a man to notice you, suddenly it isn't so easy to get his attention. It seems the most wonderful men - the ones we really want - don't respond to the usual attention-getting strategies. So take the unconventional approach and get his attention in other ways! … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Lessons: How to Teach a Dirty Talk Newbie

Some people don't talk dirty in bed simply because they have never been exposed to the thrill of it. When you find yourself with a dirty talk newbie, consider it an exciting adventure! The dirty talk newbie has no preconceived notions. He or she has not been "trained" to talk dirty to someone in a particular way, so there are no habits or rules that must be broken. … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Roleplaying On A Budget

The economic downturn has affected all of us, and in some cases, it has affected every aspect of our lives. Yes, that includes our sex lives! It can be tough to get your roleplaying game on when prices for those costumes are high and your bank account is not so healthy. But there are easy ways to roleplay on a budget. … [Read more...]

Hot Bedroom Action Starts With A Little Kiss

Ah, the kiss. That little peck on the cheek, the soft brush of lips against yours, the quick intake of breath, the feeling of tongues mingling together. There are as many different kisses as there are different people on the planet. Everyone kisses differently, and when you find someone whose kiss meshes just perfectly with yours, the feeling can make you instantly weak in … [Read more...]

5 Secret Ways To Stir Up The Dirty Talk Mojo

Are you getting bored in bed? Dirty talk can spice things up, but even the hottest dirty talker needs a refresher course now and then. Keep your dirty talk rolling along at full speed by trying out a few of these secret little tricks for firing up the dirty talk mojo! … [Read more...]

Hot And Dirty Sex Is All In Your Head

Imagine this: You finally have private time with your partner. The lights are dim, the candles lit, the doors locked. You have no obligations, no plans, nothing else to do all weekend but focus on each other. The setting is perfect. It's time for the dirty, filthy, sweaty sex that you have been craving all week! But when you both start to get down to it, your mind is … [Read more...]

Extending The Threesome Invitation

Imagine this: You and your partner have been talking about fantasies in bed lately, and one that keeps popping up is the threesome idea. Whether it's inviting another man into your bedroom or enticing another woman to join you, it seems you and your partner are getting into the serious discussions of what it would be like. So you're almost ready to take that step...but … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk to Relieve His Bedroom Anxiety

How many times have you heard a man brag about his conquests? They sound like the most confident people in the world when they talk about the great time they had in the sack. But there's a secret men don't want you to know, one that will make you see them in a whole different light! … [Read more...]