How To Create The Naughty Talk Love Nest

Naughty talk in public is fun. So is naughty talk over the phone, over the internet, on the bus, on the subway, while driving to your parents' house in the car, while behind closed doors at work, and even while handling all those errands throughout the day -- that's what Bluetooth headsets were created for, right? But dirty talk in the privacy of your own home can be a … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Dominatrix: How to Take Control

Dominating your partner with dirty talk might be much easier than you think. The key to becoming a dirty talk dominatrix lies in recognizing what your partner wants to give to you, even if they don't put those desires into words. Many men love to be dominated, but they understand that physically, it can be tough for a woman to wield power over them. However, get into a … [Read more...]

Secrets to the Best 69 Ever

Most people will agree that the magic of the 69 can be...well, magical. But it can also be an enormous failure if you don't follow a few rules of 69 etiquette. The secrets to the best 69 ever aren't really big secrets - anyone can figure them out - but doing them consistently will ensure that you and your partner have even more oral pleasure. And who doesn't want even more … [Read more...]

Secrets to the Best Blowjob He’s Ever Had

Who doesn't want to give their man the best blowjob he's ever had? It might seem like a daunting idea at first - after all, men love their blowjobs, and they have a pretty good idea of what gets them off. There might seem to be no surprises in the area of blowjobs, but that's where you - and your man - would be wrong! There are plenty of ways to spice up the blowjob and … [Read more...]

Dress Up Your Dirty Talk with Sexy Lingerie

Dirty talk is always good, but dirty talk with lingerie is even better! If you really want to impress your man with your dirty talking prowess, spice up the sexy session with a bit of satin and lace. You don't have to dress like a slut -- unless you want to, of course! You just have to dress up in something different, something a bit special, to show your partner that you … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk, Whipped Cream, and Roses: Romance Abounds!

Not all dirty talk has to be hardcore. In fact, some people prefer their dirty talk with a softer edge. Even the most hardcore dirty talkers find that sometimes, a simple moan or sigh -- or an easy, sweet comment that makes your heart melt -- is enough to make certain other parts of you tingle. … [Read more...]

3 Easy Moves That Will Have Him Talking Dirty!

When it comes to sex and dirty talk, we're always looking for the way to wow our partner, aren't we? Hearing our lover sigh about how amazing that feeling was, or asking where we learned such a sexy thing, is enough to boost our confidence for a long, long time. Here are three of those hot tricks that you might not have tried before, but that are certain to send your … [Read more...]

4 Unusual Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom Action

It happens to the best of us: from time to time, things get boring in bed. Maybe it's because the old moves still feel so damn good, or maybe it's a matter of simply slowing down a bit and forgetting what lit the spark in the first place. Whatever the reason, boredom happens -- the key is knowing how to get out of that rut you've found yourself in. … [Read more...]

Hardcore Dirty Talk is a Good Thing

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who wanted to talk dirty all the time? Have you ever been in bed with someone who suddenly blurted out something they thought was incredibly hot -- but you thought it was taboo, or wrong, or absolutely disgusting? In the heat of the moment, dirty talk might lead to anything. But that's a good thing, and there's a reason you … [Read more...]

5 Secret Ways To Stir Up The Dirty Talk Mojo

Are you getting bored in bed? Dirty talk can spice things up, but even the hottest dirty talker needs a refresher course now and then. Keep your dirty talk rolling along at full speed by trying out a few of these secret little tricks for firing up the dirty talk mojo! … [Read more...]

That Dirty Talk Is So Bad…But You Liked It!

Whether you are new to the dirty talk scene or an old pro at the naughty words, there might come a time in your dirty talk fun when you stumble upon something a little too...out there. A little bit taboo. Something that you never in a million years thought would make you horny as hell. But then it comes up, and what once turned you off suddenly seems like the hottest thing … [Read more...]