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Taboo is Hot! 4 Sexual Taboos to Light the Naughty Fire

What is taboo in the bedroom? You already know what turns you on, and you probably already know what taboos turn you off. But something that is very taboo for you, perhaps on the fringe of your sexual desires, can push you just close enough to the edge that your sexy time becomes damn near explosive. Which of these taboos get your motor running?

Dirty talk. Many women are averse to dirty talk at first. Why? For a very long time, women have been told their sexual desires are not to be spoken of in the light of day, and they have been made to feel shame for having taboo fantasies that are anything outside the norm. Dirty talk can feel taboo because you’re finally talking about it! And you’re talking about it in a very explicit, sometimes even crude manner. Once you understand why dirty talk feels so taboo, you can learn to embrace it even further, and build a rapport with your lover that is second to none.

Stripping or lap dances. There’s another serious taboo that’s hard to break! There is nothing wrong with appreciating the body of a fellow female. It doesn’t mean you are a lesbian, and that tends to be the sticking point for many women when it comes to accompanying their partner to a strip club. There is also the element of jealousy, and wondering if the women on the stage turn on your man more than you do. But you can break that taboo by buying a few lap dances for yourself, and letting yourself enjoy the experience of watching a beautiful body move. You can even rack up some pointers!

Porn. The outcries of how porn dehumanizes women, making them into objects rather than people, has long been a topic for debate, and one of the main points for those who would like to eradicate the porn industry altogether. But indulging in porn, both as a couple and alone, can open up doors to things that you might have never considered. If you really are concerned about the objectification of women, look for porn that was created by couples or by women themselves.

Sex toys. Even the most enlightened woman might blush when confronted with a massive dildo or interesting vibrator, and why not? The pleasure will be intense! But sex toys are often seen as a way to fill a void in a lackluster sex life, rather than as a way to enhance the good things you already have. Sex toys often give the wrong impression when they are first introduced in the bedroom, and that can make it seem taboo for both partners. But the more comfortable you become with sex toys, the more likely you will be to use them, over and over again.

Want to have the time of your life in bed? Combine all four taboos at once, and your lovemaking will never be the same!

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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  1. For me, the most exciting form of dirty talk is with an elegant, mature, woman who is well educated, refined
    and highly articulate – enabling her to clearly enunciate every obscene and dirty word and phrase.

    The erotic impact of such exquisitely filthy words and phrases on one’s aural sense, is extraordinarily
    romantic and arousing.

    Would love to hear from other males or females who hold the same opinion……..

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