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Swinging: Spice Or Stirring Up Trouble?

If you’re an adventurous couple, you’ve probably talked about more than a few fantasies that you might choose to never fulfill. But then again, there could be a few fantasies lurking in the back of your mind that you wouldn’t mind making a reality sometime very soon.

One of those fantasies might be swinging. Swinging is the act of sharing your intimate life with other couples or individuals in an effort to bring a new dash of spice into your bedroom. Swinging can lead to new ideas, a variety of encounters — and serious drama if you are not prepared for the potential fallout of such a decision.

Are you and your partner ready to try swinging? Or will it do more harm than good? Before you open your bedroom door, read on…

Communicate! One of the most important parts of any decision, whether it is sexual or not, is communication with your partner. Don’t just assume what they want or need – ask them. Don’t simply decide you want to fulfill a fantasy without exploring all the implications.

Discuss what is cheating…and what is not. Every couple has a different view of cheating. Some might consider internet porn cheating, while others don’t think it’s cheating until an affair is physically consummated. But is it cheating if your partner is in the same room with you? Those are questions you will have to talk about and answer thoroughly before you even consider whether swinging is for you.

Don’t be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do. Maybe your partner wants to swing, but you don’t? Put your foot down. There are roleplaying scenarios you can turn to, toys that can simulate the action, and fantasies that you can share. But if you aren’t comfortable with allowing someone else into your intimate life, you don’t have to…and that’s the bottom line.

Consider the aftermath when you are talking about swinging. How will you feel after it’s all said and done? Though you can’t know for sure, you can explore your past experiences and talk about them, and then come up with a pretty good idea of how you will handle the act of swinging with your partner.

Finally, if you do decide to swing, make a plan concerning how far you are willing to go. Do you want to swap partners? Do you want to be alone in the room with someone else? Do you simply want to watch at first, and then make further decisions in the future? Choosing your level of comfort is very important.

If you do choose to swing, take the journey together, from the start to the finish – and never forget to talk about everything you choose to do, no matter what that might be.

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