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Surprise Your Lover With Dirty Talk At Work

One of the sexiest things a person could do when they want to rev the dirty talk engine is take it to the workplace. We don’t mean getting up on the desk and doing a striptease for your boss (unless you’re secretly sleeping with your boss, of course), and we don’t mean getting into trouble at the next conference meeting because someone caught your steamy email messages to that sexy coworker.

We’re talking about the thrill that can come from dirty talk with your partner when they least expect it – and possibly in full view of everyone else.

How? Follow me to the conference room…and shut the door behind you, will you? Thanks.

Dirty talk at work has to done with some delicacy and decorum. After all, I think everyone would agree that no matter how hot the dirty talk can get, it’s not worth losing a job over – especially in today’s economy! And part of the reason dirty talk in semi-public places is so hot is because it’s forbidden. If your boss knew your secret, it wouldn’t be so much fun anymore, would it?

Here are a few tips to make dirty talk happen at the office.

  • Keep your emails discreet. If you both know you’re going to be talking about something dirty, use euphemisms instead of the real thing. If you mention how hot the weather is today, the other person might well know that you mean you’re steaming hot for them – but that email filter the company uses will think you’re just making small talk.
  • Keep voice mails private. Voice mails are one of the best ways to talk dirty at the office. Call your lover before you go into the building, and if you call on your break, make absolutely certain you are out of earshot of everyone else. When you listen to your voicemails, do so at a time when you know the sight of you blushing or getting a bit turned on won’t be displayed to the powers that be.
  • Doing the nasty at work? Keep it oh-so-quiet. This is the greatest joy of unisex bathrooms – anybody can walk in, but at the same time, anybody can be getting it on in the handicap stall, too. The key is staying quiet and making certain you are in a place where you won’t get caught. The supply closet is a cliche that has surely gotten countless people fired when the boss opened the door to find paperclips and found…well, more than that.
  • Avoid the drama. Look at your long-term situation. Is this a fling that is simply a bit of fun? Is the flirting and dirty talk harmless? Or are you playing with fire by being unfaithful or having sex with your superior? A situation charged with power and emotion can turn into a serious drama – and that’s the fastest way to get yourself fired. Think long and hard before you take that dirty talk plunge, and decide if you are headed into a situation that could turn nasty.

So…are you ready to get it on at the office? Or have you already? Tell us all about it in comments.

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