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Surprise Him With A Dirty Talk Striptease

So you’ve got all the dirty talk phrases down pat, and you know what makes your lover go crazy when you whisper it into his ear. Now it’s time to get the moves that go along with the dirty talk – it’s the dirty talk striptease!

What’s the dirty talk striptease? It’s the striptease that you know your lover will enjoy – and it’s the dirty talk that goes along with it. You’re not just teasing him with your body, though you are tempting enough, you naughty thing – you’re also teasing him with words. What are you going to do with him next? It’s all in the dirty talk.

First, set the scene. Place candles around the room where you intend to do your tease. The light of the candles will cast a gentle glow on your body, and just enough shadow to keep a bit of mystery about you, even without clothes. Next, make sure your “pole” is right where he has a good view. If you don’t have a stripper pole (and most of us don’t!), improvise with the bedpost of a tall four-poster bed. If you don’t have that either, get a chair…a simple, sturdy, hardback chair.

Next, choose your outfit, something with lots of lace and satin. Add things that you can take off to keep the momentum going, such as full-length gloves, high heels, a top hat or other accessories, such as a garter or a pair of fishnet hose. The more you have to take off, the better the tease will be.

Finally, choose the music. This is very important! The music sets the mood, so you get to choose whether things will be sweet and sassy or down and dirty. Something with naughty words in it always works well. Some classics, like “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker or “The Stripper” by David Rose and his Orchestra are good bets. Make sure to practice your striptease to the music several times before the big event, to make sure you know how best to sway to the music.

When it comes to the dancing, don’t let him touch you. Touch yourself in the ways he wants to, and that will heighten his desire even more. And do NOT forget the dirty talk! When you come close to him, tell him exactly what you’re going to do with him when you’re done. Taunt him with your body and your words: “You want this, don’t you, honey? Bet you wish you could touch right here, right now, don’t you?” Stay out of his reach while you do this – tie him down to the chair or bed if you have to.

The dirty talk striptease is just another trick in your big arsenal of naughty goodness, so start practicing now for the moment when you will drive him wild.

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