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Striptease 101: How to Take it Off

Offering a striptease can be a daunting proposition. Those strippers make a striptease look so easy up there on the stage, swinging around their pole, but when it comes to the privacy of your own bedroom, things are a bit different. Since it’s just you up there, and you are in such an intimate situation with the person in front of you, a striptease can feel like taking off more than just your clothes. It can be one of those things that makes even the most confident person want to hide.

The key to a good striptease is being prepared. Even if the event is spontaneous, you should have some plans in place long before the dance begins that will help you feel confident and ready when it’s time to take it all off.

No matter what you are wearing, have a plan of action for removing it. Nothing fast – the point of the striptease is the teasing strip! If you have the time to play dress-up in shirt with plenty of buttons or layers of lace, that’s great. But what if you’re just in a t-shirt and jeans when you come home and your partner wants to see a striptease? That’s when you improvise. Lift your shirt from the bottom while you sway your hips. Offer a hint of something more by lifting it up further. Then pull it down, tight against your body, to show all the curves and lines. Finally, gently tease it over your head and perhaps rub it all over your body before you throw it on top of your partner’s lap.

If you have any buttons at all, tease with them before you open up the fabric. If you are wearing high heels, do your best to leave them on until the very end. Tease with the jewelry you are wearing – a long string of pearls? A sleek bangle bracelet? Great! When you take down your pants or your skirt, do it slowly, showing only an inch of skin at a time.

No music playing? Make your own. Even if you aren’t a good singer, hum a popular tune in your head. Something with a beat will be perfect, because you can move to the sounds in your head, and as an added bonus, your partner will be wondering what song that is!

The striptease should be a confident, awe-inducing scene. Your partner will be mesmerized by how your body moves, and the more rabidly they watch you, the more confident you will become. Giving a good striptease will soon become a staple of your bedroom fun!

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