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Spicing Things Up With New Positions & Toys

Photo of sexy brunette woman huggingThe classics are so for a reason: they work great, they’re reliable, and most of the time they help you get off better than if you were to go without them. But aside from your classic strap ons and your go-to positions, the growth in acceptance of the lesbian community has allowed for the creation of new products and discussion of new positions that are more satisfying than ever.

You know how some people make fun of those discount department stores because it’s odd to get quality clothes and ground beef in the same place? The same can be said for where you’re getting your relationship advice. You could search resources like Cosmopolitan for sex tips, for example. However, seeing as they’ve advised straight girls to bite on their boyfriend’s dicks, I would hardly trust them to muster up useful suggestions for the far more complex lesbian sex.

Instead it’s usually better to head right to the source, from someone whose career is built on providing everyone, singles, couples, gay or straight, with a more satisfying sex life. Adam & Eve certainly knows lesbian sex. In this blog post, they broke down four lesbian positions that actually work, and they were suggested by people who actually know what they’re talking about.

There’s the lesbian missionary with the use of a strap on and the scissors position. Yes, the scissors position may seem like one of those moves that’s more of a fantasy for straight guys than practical and effective for those actually looking to get off, but there are ways that can make it work. Being able to be face to face is very intimate. Also, if you share a toy in between the two of you, like a double sided dildo or vibrator, it can be just as satisfying.

They also discuss ideas that you might not have thought about before, like a modification on the classic 69 position. Instead of one partner laying on her back and the other supporting themselves on her elbows, each lover is on her side, and “the leg closest to the bed is used as a ‘pillow’ for their lover’s head.” The site continues: “The other leg is pulled upward and slightly forward, to rest on their partner’s side. This position is not only easier as the pair’s weight is being supported on the bed as opposed to another body, it leaves enough breathing space so that you’re not gasping for air.”

There’s also the knee straddle where one woman supports her own eight on her knees and straddles the other’s leg. The first woman can rub her clit against her partner’s thigh, or rub against the second’s thigh harness/thigh vibrator. This position also allows for the woman on top to “lean forward and play with her partner’s clit and pussy while enjoying the ride,” while the other “is free to do any number of things—suck on her partner’s nipples, help her along with some thigh-grinding, flick and finger her pussy, or even give her a great smack on the ass.”

Of course it’s not just new positions that are coming to light that lesbians can take advantage of. There’s also some new sex toys that are perfect for solo fun as well as with a partner, and the options are much better than terrible inventions like Sqweel 2, which Oh Joy Sex Toy said here is like having sex with “a line of partners who give you one lick each.”

The previously mentioned thigh strap is the perfect toy to integrate with your partner, because it allows you to have free hands for added stimulation elsewhere. But it does have a downside that a strap on doesn’t. While some people enjoy using strap ons or variations for “packing,” no one’s confidence is really going to be raised by looking like they have a dick attached to the side of their thigh.

Another toy that’s perfect for teasing your partner, no matter where you are, is the remote-controlled panty vibrator. Newer models are putting an ultra-modern twist on the classic sex toy, as they can be controlled wirelessly by a smartphone or tablet. Whipping out a small remote in public could cause raise a few questions but simply typing a few buttons on your phone is a discreet way to make your partner weak in the knees. Mashable calls the new line of “smart” products the perfect solution for those that find themselves on their phone, more so than being intimate.

There’s also a new influx of products to consider. Sometimes referred to as “eggs,” this new design includes a silicon top or sleeve that fits over the head of your favorite wand vibrator. Different textures help add to the already amazing experience of using a wand vibrator.

Whether you’re trying to get out of rut, or you’re just looking to spice things up with your partner, any of these products and positions are sure to do the trick. Enjoy yourself and your partner. At the rate that new ideas are hitting the market, by the time you’re ready to come up for air they’ll be plenty of new options for you to try.

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