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So He Wants “Shock And Awe” Dirty Talk?

Imagine this scenario…

You and your lover are in bed together, basking in the afterglow of a great lovemaking session, when you begin talking about fantasies. And your man tells you that he wants to hear something a little more “out there” – something you’ve never told him before.

Okay, that’s fine…but what if you find yourself at a loss for something as spicy as what he wants to hear? He’s made it clear he wants something that might “shock” him or something that makes you seem like the freaky little slut he’s always dreamed of having in bed.

So…where do you go from here?

If your lover wants some shock and awe, that’s what you shall give! But keep in mind a few of the basic ground rules for dirty talk. First, what you say in the heat of the moment doesn’t necessarily reflect something you would actually do. It’s play-acting of a fantasy, and some fantasies are simply meant to reside in your imagination. For example, the thought of sleeping with three or four men at once might turn you on like crazy, but if push came to shove, you might not want to actually do it.

So when your man says he wants to hear something a little “freaky” that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready and willing to fulfill the kinkiest fantasies. It just means he wants something new to feed his imagination! He wants to imagine what you are seeing in your head. He wants to hear just how kinky you can really be when it’s just you alone in the bedroom with your thoughts and your vibrator. He wants to be privy to your deepest, darkest fantasies.

It’s a honor to be wanted that deeply, don’t you agree?

So when he says he wants to hear something kinky and freaky, let him have it. But make sure that he understands you might not want to actually DO those things you mention. They turn you on, and that’s enough…you don’t have to take it all to the next level if you don’t want to do so. As long as you have an understanding on that point, the sky is the limit with your dirty talk imagination!

If you’re still not sure what to talk about, consider some of the kinkier things the two of you have discussed thus far. Have you mentioned multiple partners? Swapping? Watching him with another woman? Bondage? Visiting a dominatrix – either you, or him, or both? Do you have specific fantasies relating to places, things, or ways of having sex?

If you have mentioned any of those things listed, how can you take it a step farther? How can you spice it up even more? Give it some thought…and tell us what you came up with in the comments section!

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