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Slow Down, Buckaroo…Foreplay Matters!

Do you ever wonder why your girl gets frustrated with you during a night you expect to be nothing but a wild sexual romp? Have you often had a bit of fun and then realized that while you were cruising along in a high gear, she was barely out of first?

If you experience this problem with your beloved, you might need to take a step back and learn a bit more about a very important word: Foreplay.

Women love foreplay. It’s a slow buildup to the grand prize, and if foreplay is done right, it’s enough of a prize all on its own. Just a few touches and moans aren’t enough…she needs time to let the feeling grow. So if foreplay is the beginning, where is the…well, the beginning?

Start from the moment you lay eyes on her. Give her your full attention. Turn off the cell phone, forget about work, and think about only what you can do to make her happy. Ask her how her day was, and tell her about yours. Talk to her and listen to her answers. The more attention you give her, the more responsive she will be.

Gradually move into something a bit more intimate, but not too much. Touch her gently, and only in a way that can be considered intimate, but not sexual. Hold her hand. Touch her hair. Put your arm around her and pull her close. Don’t try to lean in for the kiss or pressure her for anything more than what you are doing at that very moment. In fact, let her lead the way…from this point, she will tell you with her body language and her words if she wants to continue what you’re doing or back off.

If she tips her chin up for a kiss, give it to her…but do it in a way that allows her plenty of time to back off. Simply brush your lips against hers, or nibble on the corners, or lick her lips gently. If she invites you in for more, then take the lead…but take it very slowly.

Getting to the end of foreplay should take a long time. We’re not talking about a five minute kiss before the clothes start coming off…in fact, forget time even exists. Focus only on her and what her body is telling you. Who cares if it takes two hours? Three? Four? The point in lovemaking is to be close to your partner, no matter what that means. Let her lead the way, and you might be surprised at just how much you like foreplay…in fact, you might want to make it last longer, and soon the “main event” won’t be the first thing on your mind.

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