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Six Tips For Foreplay That Will Get His Motor Running Early

There seems to be a misconception that men aren’t really that into foreplay, and they will be most happy by just diving into the act. When men themselves joke around that any sex is good sex regardless of how long it may or may not be, they aren’t kidding entirely, but that does not mean that they don’t like a good play session either. If you have been thinking that you don’t have to do much work when it comes to revving up your man, think again.

While you may not HAVE to, you can certainly extend your love sessions by being more of a flirt when he’s least expecting it. A study out of the University of New Brunswick showed that men are complaining about the lack of foreplay they’re getting, and wouldn’t mind seeing things go on a bit longer. Men love the unexpected when it comes to sex, and they certainly love it when we initiate things. You can extend your own hours of foreplay by getting his motor started a little bit early. These tips will ensure he has you, and your body, on the mind for as long as possible. And that can only mean good things for you in the long run. How can you get his motor running? Use a little bit of creativity, and a lot of dirty talk.

1. Send a dirty text during the workday. This is a tried and true standby, because it works. If this is something you wouldn’t normally do, even better. “I want to **insert action here** tonight.” is all you need to say. He’ll be thinking of THAT and how he can repay you all day long.

2. Undress for him. Men love to watch their women get naked. Most of the time they are doing that for you, but if you do it yourself, and don’t let them touch, it really starts to get them going. Do it slowly. One piece at a time, and maybe even walk away while you are doing so. He’ll follow.

3. Lingerie. This is another tried and true standby, because once again, it works. Men love seeing women in lingerie. Surprise him the next time you are out at the mall with a Victoria’s Secret gift card just for HIM. He gets to do the picking and choosing, and don’t be afraid to model it for him in the store. You also may want to make sure this is your last errand of the day as he will have only one thing on his mind the whole way home.

4. Tamper with his Day Timer. Before he goes to work in the morning, while he is in the shower, put a little entry into his day timer that he won’t see until he gets to work. “Sex with me. 7 PM. Don’t be late.” He won’t be.

5. Ears, ears, ears. There are hundreds of little nerve endings on our ears, and men LOVE to explore this. Most of the time though once the act is started they are focused on the more obvious body parts. Surprise him at dinner, as you put a glass of wine in front of him, or serve him his meal, just whisper in his ear “you look so hot in that shirt”. A little nibble on his earlobe will take this tip one step further. Your breath on his ear will send tingles up his spine, and he won’t take time finishing his meal.

6. Trench coat and heels. Yes, another old standby that just seems to get men going crazy. This tip is for the most daring woman. This time prolong the anticipation by sending him a message at work saying “we’re eating out tonight, I’ll pick you up just say when.” When you pick him up, you’ll be wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels. Some sexy lingerie underneath will be equally effective. But don’t let him know you are scantily clad until he either asks, or during the meal. While you are sipping your drink, casually look over your glass and say “you know I’m not wearing anything under this, don’t you?” Chances are, you’ll be hearing “ check please!” shortly after you do so.

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