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Sexy Gift Ideas For A Dirty Valentine’s Day

Romantic-Valentines-DayValentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means! Most people like to get it on when this day of love rolls around, and often going “all out” in the sexual department makes this special holiday one you will never forget.

Consider these gifts for your lover — and get ready for a mind-blowing time!

A vibrator. Yes, it seems like a typical kind of gift for sexy time, but consider purchasing a vibrator that has a very special feature or two. How about a 24 karat gold vibrator? They are available, and for only a few hundred dollars — much less than you might expect for something so opulent. The vibrating rubber ducky comes with a beautiful boa and a little diamond stud in her pretty beak, and can bring your partner to heights of orgasm in the tub. A creative vibrator is sure to score big points!

Fun lubes. Don’t go with the typical Astroglide or other recommended lubes…though they are tried and proven, they aren’t necessarily sexy. Look for lubes that tingle, warm up when they touch your skin, or even change colors with body heat. Flavored lubes are always good options if you prefer some oral action with your sex. Opt for those in sleek, sophisticated packaging to get bonus points for style.

A how-to book…for YOU. Show your partner how much you want to please them by purchasing a great how-to book and then trying out the tips you learn. Share with your partner what you’re doing, and ask for their guidance. Are you learning to give the best blow-job ever? How about the best cunnilingus? That how-to book will come in quite handy as you learn to give your lover the best of the best!

A pillow. Okay, we’ll be the first to admit, purchasing a pillow for your beloved might not be the first sexy idea that pops into your head. But a good, firm pillow will boost your sex life by boosting her hips, giving his knees a nice place to rest, and helping you both move into all sorts of interesting positions. You can even go further and purchase a pillow made specifically for sexual activity. Items such as The Liberator might look like a nice pillow on your couch, but they are actually designed to make sexual positions easier.

Need more ideas? Come back tomorrow for more ways to thrill your lover this Valentine’s Day!

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