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Sexting Examples To Get Him Ready

sexting examples for himYour back is aching and your eyes are tired of staring at your computer monitor. The person in the cubicle next to you is loud and obnoxious and won’t get off the phone. You want to be anywhere but there. Just then, your lover pops into your mind.  You begin craving his touch and his breath on your neck. You begin recalling your favorite evenings with him in bed. Goosebumps appear on your arm. You grab your phone. You have to tell him how horny you are.

Sexting is tantalizing way to get your lover’s attention when you are apart during the day. Sometimes a few sexually alluring words in their phone can grab one’s attention throughout the day and really spice up the sex in the bedroom. So grab your phone and tell them the explicit details of the sexy daydream in your head. Explain what you would do to them if they were in front of you at the moment. Let him know how dirty your mind can get. After all, you are no saint. Here are some dirty texting examples to use.

“i want 2 feel u inside me.”

“imagine me nekkid and restless.”

“I’m so fukn wet right now.”

“I want u to use my body as a sex toy.”

Describe the underwear you have on.

“I’m wearing that lil blk thong u bot me for v-day.”

Or, say, you are already out of work and you are waiting on him to come home. Take some naughty pictures of yourself laying in the bed. Tell him what you want to do to him.

“When u get home, I’m going to give u a blo job ull remember till ur gravesite.”

“Pleez fuk my brains out.”

Get over the top with your sexts. Make him think twice about who he’s in a relationship with.

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