Having Sex With An Ex: Is It Ever A Good Idea?

having sex with your ex

Sex with an ex? Who in their right mind would do that, right? After all, that person is an ex for a very good reason. But then again, remember how hot the sex was? Perhaps sex with an ex isn’t such a bad idea after all…

The sex with an ex question comes up time and time again, and everyone seems to have a different answer to the age-old question. Should you do it with that sexy someone who has been out of your life for a while? Should you go back down that road and remember all the things you loved – and all the things you hated – about that particular person? Should you let the good times roll, so to speak, just for one last roll in the hay?

There are often good reasons to have sex with an ex.

You’re both very single. If you are very single, and your ex is very single, sex with an ex starts to look quite appealing. After all, why not? There is no one to hurt but yourselves, and you might be much more mature than that. Sex with an ex is not a taboo thing, after all – you’ve already been there and done that, in a manner of speaking. So why not get it on when there is no one between the two of you to bring the guilt?

It is sex, and nothing more.
Are you both able to separate sex from the romance of happily ever after? If you can have sex and walk away from each other when it’s done, with only a smile and fond memories, then you’re good to go. But having sex with your ex¬†almost always has an emotional element involved, so be very careful when you choose to do something like that. If you have any lingering feelings, sex with an ex might not be a good idea.

You are both over it. On the other hand, if you have been apart for a long time and the split was amicable, you might not have any problem with simply jumping into the sack for some old-fashioned fun. If you make a pact that this is only for the night, or for the weekend, and you aren’t tempted to ask for more, then you can actually become fantastic fuck buddies who have no strings attached, period. Sex with an ex in this kind of arrangement can be hotter than hot, and it can be quite emotional as well — because now you are friends with benefits, not lovers with commitments.

You want to say goodbye. But if you and your former lover have unresolved issues or heartbreak from the past, sometimes sex with an ex can be a healing proposition. At times like that, sex with an ex is a tender way of finding closure and saying goodbye – so you might walk away with a tear, but you will also walk away with a smile.


  1. Testing out the new web site…figured that this would be a good place to start. Sex with an Ex…Yes I would…

  2. Sure…just not too often as to make it commonplace, but often enough to keep it hot and passionate.

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