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Sex on the First Date: Good Idea? Terrible Choice?

Sex on the first date? Everyone knows that’s a big no-no, right? After all, sex on the first date makes you look easy, it gives the fun away for free, it guarantees he will never call again, it’s a sure way to screw up a very good thing, it’s risky, it makes you feel ashamed and guilty when it’s all over, and of course, it brands you as a slut. Right?

Not so fast. Sex on the first date can sometimes be the hottest, sexiest romp you will ever have. So before you rule out the possibility of the horizontal dance between the sheets, consider good reasons to have sex on the first date:

– It’s just about sex. You’re not looking for emotional entanglements, and truth be told, you really don’t think you can see yourself with that guy on a long-term basis. So don’t bother with the romantic, mushy stuff — just get it on, and enjoy every second of it. There’s nothing wrong with fucking for the sake of fucking, right? Sex on the first date can set the tone and who knows? You might wind up with a fuck buddy.

– You’ve been in a long-distance relationship. You met your guy on the internet, things progressed to phone, and now it’s time to meet in person. Why wait? Sex on the first date with someone you have taken a liking to, or even fallen in love with, is never a bad thing. The long-distance relationship should be consummated, so why not do it immediately?

– To find out if there’s a spark. Sure, you’re compatible in every other way, but what about in the bedroom? If he’s the perfect man but your bedroom action is lacking, then you have some tough choices to make. You might as well seize the opportunity for sex on the first date and cut to the chase sooner rather than later.

– To weed out the negative guys. If someone sees you as a slut for sleeping with them on the first date, then you know that’s not the guy you should be with. Women who have sex on the first date are not sluts — they are empowered women who are making the decision to pursue pleasure for themselves. Any man who has a problem with that will probably not be a good long-term mate for any independent, responsible woman.

– Because you want it, period. Why not? Sex on the first date can be an exciting change of pace. It is much better than lonely masturbation, ensures everyone has a good time, and gives you more experience in the bedroom, which is always a good thing. Sex on the first date because you’re horny? Why not?

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