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Sex Jewelry for an Interesting Sex Life

You are probably aware of many items of sex jewelry, though you might not realize it. Nipple clamps are a form of jewelry that are meant for eroticism, as is the cock ring. Some pieces of sex jewelry might be much more subtle, like the ear clamps that are meant to stimulate certain points through acupressure, or bracelets and chokers that are meant to be latched onto something more erotic, such as a leash. Some jewelry points out that a person is taken, such as a chastity chain or something similar. Still other sex jewelry isn’t meant to be erotic, but is, such as the purity ring.

But there are certain sex jewelry pieces that are meant for ultimate pleasure, and make it clear with the design — and with the price. Betony Vernon Erotic Jewel Tools take the basics of sex jewelry and create something much more graceful and intriguing than your average sex toy. These pieces of sex jewelry are created to be worn in the most elegant of settings, but their purpose beyond their beauty is not to be denied.

Take, for instance, the petting ring. Worn in recent photo shoots by such stars as Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera, the petting ring is meant for either men or women. Worn on the index finger, it holds the index finger and thumb wide apart, in order to enhance the perfect manual stimulation.

There is also the Guinea Fowl or the Pleasure Puff rings, which offer feathers that stimulate the body. The pearl massage ring is meant to be used on women, and has pearls that create enticing ridges. Much like using a pearl necklace to stimulate the more erotic areas of the body, the pearl massage ring can be worn in public, showing off your true erotic nature to everyone you meet.

There are also elegant collars with whip attachments (one for public, one for private), nipple clamps and clips, and other variations of the classic sex jewelry that you will find in any sex toy shop. So if you want the best mixture of classic and exotic, turn to a bit of luxury. If you don’t have the budget to go luxe, pick up a string of pearls at the discount store and get the same sweet effect when you play with your new sex jewelry in bed. It’s all about the sensation!

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