Sex, Dirty Talk, and Sex With Dirty Talk

Okay, so maybe you know how to talk dirty. Maybe you’ve said many a naughty thing in your lifetime. But talking about dirty sex is quite a different matter! Do you know how to talk about the kinkiest, sexiest things the imagination has to offer?

The dirtiest, kinkiest sex can be the hardest to discuss when you’re talking dirty, simply because it’s so hard-core. Working up to really kinky dirty talk can be done, but it usually takes a great deal of time and several lovemaking sessions between partners to build up that kind of momentum. Simply offering up something kinky as hell while in the midst of lovemaking can call a quick halt to the proceedings as your lover tries to wrap their mind around what you just said!

So how do you ease into the kinkiest talk you can imagine?

The key to introducing kink into your dirty talk is to do so by layers. For instance, you might be into the thought of seeing two men together, but you know it’s something that will turn your partner off. How do you get your kink on but keep him interested at the same time? Start with something about how much you like to watch – but don’t specify what you like to see. Perhaps when you’re going down on him, couple that with pushing your index finger into his mouth and demand that he suck it the way you’re sucking him.

That might be enough to give him the picture. As you progress, offer tiny comments that make it clear how much you love watching a man in the midst of pleasure… and if he’s inviting you to even more kink, you’ve just set the stage for what comes next. When you tell him the truth – that you like to watch two men together – he won’t be stunned. After all, you’ve led up to it with subtle hints.

Try the “layering” technique with every dirty sex fantasy you have…the more extreme the fantasy, the more time it might take to lay all the innuendo down, so to speak. If you’re having a kinky one-nighter and you know you might never see that person again, go ahead with your dirty talk bad self… but if you want to maintain the sexual relationship for more than just a night, be a little more delicate in your dirty sex talk. Eventually you will work up to saying anything at all, anytime you want…and your lover will be thrilled with anything you might want to say.


  1. I always found it easier with one nighters to let it all out. With someone you are serious about, you definitely have to start small, and add a little at a time. My opinion.

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