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Setting the Romantic Dirty Talk Mood

Dirty talk doesn’t have to be hardcore all the time. While hardcore words will certainly be appreciated by connoisseurs of all things naughty, sometimes a loving couple just needs a bit of romance instead. Setting a romantic mood is the key to making even the most raunchy dirty talk a romantic interlude for two people in lust.

To begin, take a look at where you’re going to be making love. For most people who are looking to spice up the romance in their lives, that will probably be the bedroom. Invest in sheets that feel good against the skin, and in big fluffy pillows that promise luxurious comfort. Choose colors that reflect passion – deep auburns and blues, for example.

Next, look at the lighting. If you like candles, now is the time to fill the room with them! The glow of candlelight will be beautiful on your lover’s skin. If you prefer a lamp at the bedside, choose a bulb with the lowest wattage and drape a scarf over the top of the lamp to cut the light a bit. (But always be sure the scarf isn’t close enough to the bulb to heat up – a fire is a quick way to kill the other “fire” you hope to create!)

Think about scents. What turns your lover on? What do they like to smell? If you have a perfect perfume or cologne to spray on the sheets, use it. If you prefer incense to set the mood, choose a discreet burner. If you are using candles, you can do double-duty by purchasing scented ones.

Consider the sounds in the room. Is heavy breathing and whispered naughty words a good way to turn you and your lover on? Or do you prefer the backdrop of sultry music to get the romance started? If you want to use music, place a CD player in discreet location and turn the music down low. Don’t forget to use the “repeat” function to keep things moving all night long!

Take another look at the room. Does your lover like to watch? Then perhaps an old-fashioned stand-alone mirror is in order. You can move it near the bed, or leave it in the corner of the room but angle it in such a way that your lover can see it from the center of the bed.

Remember that your lover will be looking at you – of course! – so choose offer a feast for the eyes. If it’s a lacy negligee or a simple satin robe, make sure it’s something that feels good against your skin – your partner will love to touch it.

Finally, when you do have everything set up and ready for romance, consider the words you will use. This is a time when gentle dirty talk might be in order. Don’t use hardcore words unless your lover leads you in that direction! To keep the romantic mood going, stick to words that are filled with praise and description. Tell your lover what you appreciate about them, what you find beautiful about them, and what you can’t get enough of when you’re in bed with them.

That romantic mood just might last all night…and far into the morning, too!

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