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Sensual Ways To Step Up Your Game

Are you looking for a sensual way to fire up your sexuality? We just might have the answer you’re hoping to find!

First, remember that boosting your sensuality is all about confidence. The more confident you are, the sexier you will be. It’s a wonderful cycle, but it is one that has to be fed on a regular basis. Choosing sensual ways to step things up is the best way to make that healthy confidence grow.

Here are a few ways to get your game on:

Stripper Classes. Stripping used to be looked down upon as a terrible job for those who couldn’t be bothered to get a “real” one. But over time that view has changed, and now many people recognize the benefits of stripping for your partner. There is also the added bonus of fitness – no matter how easy it looks, make no mistake about it – stripping is hard work! It’s a very physical endeavor that can leave you tired, sore, and more toned than you ever dreamed you would be. Stripping classes are popping up in gyms and fitness centers everywhere, and women who take advantage of it are in a great position to make their lover very happy!

Belly Dancing. For centuries, the art of belly dancing has been a delight of men and women everywhere. Belly dancing is a very sensual, fluid act that highlights the curves of the body and the amazing way it can move. Learning to belly dance puts you in touch with motions that you didn’t know your body could perform…and not only does it give you a more sensual air to your step, it also spices up things in the bedroom.

Pottery Classes. This might seem like it’s something not-so-sexy on the surface, but think about it…the pottery wheel, the sensual feel of the clay under your hands, and the creation of beauty from nothing. What’s not sexy about that? Besides, just think about the movie “Ghost” – one of the hottest love scenes ever on film is thanks to the pottery wheel.

Cooking Lessons. Cooking lessons can be quite sensual! Focus on something like French cooking, where you use only the most succulent ingredients, or Cajun cooking, where you can light the fire in more ways than one! Knowing your way around the kitchen means you can impress your lover with your prowess – and you can discover all sorts of new foods to spice up your sexual attitude. (Ever seen a woman suck on a cucumber or drizzle honey over her breasts? That’s just for starters…)

Yoga. One of the best exercises for flexibility, yoga not only centers your mind, it also stretches out your body. Advanced yoga moves can double as some of the most interesting sexual positions you can imagine. So take yoga classes for the quieting of your mind and the toning of your body – but keep going to get the added benefit of fun in the bedroom!

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