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Seducing His Mind: First-Date Conversation Tips

First DateAs women, we tend to savor pre-date planning. We change clothes a dozen times, put our hair up and take it back down again, and poll our girlfriends about which panties – if any – we should wear. We make sure every inch of our body is scrubbed, shaved, and scented.

Men are visual creatures, and making a good first impression will take you far. But if you want more than a one-night-stand, you need to appeal to his desire to conquer you both physically and mentally. If you keep a verbal cat-and-mouse game going, he’s sure to ask you on a second date so he can try to extract more of your innermost secrets.

Here’s what I do…

Pick a few topics that you want to share – and fall back on if you find yourself in an awkward silence. Being prepared to talk about your vacation to Italy will keep you from blurting out something embarrassing or committing the greatest first-date sin of all – talking about an ex.

Make sure to check your chatterbox at the door. Nothing kills a date faster than when one person spends the whole time talking about themselves. If you know that you tend to talk more when you’re nervous, it’s even more important that you prepare yourself ahead of time.

When you do find yourself talking at great length about one subject, make sure that you are sharing the conversation and not lecturing. If your date starts to look bored, that’s a good sign that it’s time to slam on the breaks and give him a chance to talk.

Most important of all – make sure you listen to him. When you listen to what he says, you’re stroking his ego. And listening is the perfect time for some non-verbal flirting. Tilting your head show that you’re listening – and shows off the curve of your neck. Leaning toward him lets him know that you’re interested – and lets him get a glimpse of cleavage. Laughing at his jokes and smiling when he’s talking will only boost his self-confidence and make you that much more appealing to him.

The final secret to successful first date conversation: pick a few things about yourself that you don’t want to share, even if he asks. Throwing out a casual, “That’s a conversation for another time” will add to your air of mystery and tantalize his inner-predator.

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