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Secrets to the Best 69 Ever

Most people will agree that the magic of the 69 can be…well, magical. But it can also be an enormous failure if you don’t follow a few rules of 69 etiquette. The secrets to the best 69 ever aren’t really big secrets – anyone can figure them out – but doing them consistently will ensure that you and your partner have even more oral pleasure. And who doesn’t want even more oral pleasure?

Remember these tips when it’s time to go down on your partner:

  • Stay clean. Yes, sex should be a dirty event. But when it comes to 69, being physically clean should be at the top of your agenda. If you want your partner to really enjoy a 69, get a shower right before. In fact, get a shower together, so both of you are good and clean. Keep your mind filthy, though, because the occasional dirty phrase uttered in the middle of the 69 might be what it takes to push somebody over that magical edge.
  • Take your time. Few things are as quick to turn off a partner as dangling your bits right in front of them with no foreplay at all. Though it might be appropriate for those rough and tumble times, let’s face it, that’s not often how it happens. So take your time in getting into position, kissing and licking and caressing all the way there.
  • Get comfortable. The classic 69 position might not be comfortable for either of you. Take your time in learning what works. Many couples choose to lie on their sides and enjoy the 69 that way, while others prefer that the larger partner be on the bottom, and the lighter partner performing oral sex from the top.
  • Communicate! Tell your partner what you want, and be sure to give what your lover asks for. Or play the mimic game, where you try to mirror what your partner is doing to your naughty bits. It can turn into a fun way to try out new things.
  • Don’t get lazy. If you can’t concentrate on what you are doing because the pleasure is so intense, tell your partner, and perhaps you could change to a different position. The point of 69 is to give and receive at the same time…if you can’t do that, then it’s time to change things up for a while.
  • Change it up. Introduce a vibrator, go for the anal rimming (with permission, of course!), try out new things with your hands and your tongue…make your 69 one of the best oral sex experiences by introducing new things.

And finally, don’t forget to tap into your partner’s desires by showing them how much you like what they are doing. Your moans, groans, and other noises will make it clear how good they are at what they do, and your careful direction will make them even more likely to please – and isn’t that what 69 is all about?

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