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Roleplaying Tips For Tax Day Fun!

It’s done – your taxes are filed. (Or at least we hope they are…if not, you and the tax man might not be on good terms!) April 15th always rolls around with a sense of dread and sometimes even angst, especially if you are one of the unlucky souls who has to write a check instead of receiving a refund.

Here are a few roleplaying ideas to help take the sting out of tax day:

The Tax Man Cometh. Why not make the tax man happier than ever? One partner dresses in business attire and takes on the air of the long-suffering tax specialist who is determined to get the proper amount owed. The other partner takes on the attitude of someone who is thankful to be getting that refund. Show your appreciation by giving the tax man what he really wants – and we don’t mean another notch on your Social Security payout!

Sexy Prostitute. Sometimes people will try almost anything to get out of paying Uncle Sam. Again, one of you plays the tax man – the other one plays the prostitute who is trying hard to get out of that self-employment tax, all the while explaining what she really does for a living. Perhaps the prostitute could exchange a favor or two for the disappearance of a bit of that debt? Have fun figuring out ways to get rid of it all!

Underpaid on Taxes? You Deserve a Spanking! If you didn’t pay out enough this year, shame on you. And yes, you deserve to be punished for that. But who says it has to be a financial penalty? For every 100 dollars you didn’t pay out, you now have to accept a spanking for. That could add up to quite a bit, depending on how bad you were during the year.

The Strip Audit. The thought of sitting through an audit makes most people want to hide in a corner and never come out. But what if you did your best to distract those who wanted a good explanation of how you came up with all those deductions? For every bad mistake you’ve made, deduct an item of clothing instead. By the time the audit is done, you might not have any clothing left – and you might have to dole out favors instead.

What kind of dirty roleplaying scenarios can you come up with for Tax Day? Happy Filing!

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  1. The prostitute doing favors for the tax man to gain a discount is a great role playing idea!! A physical audit by strip searching would be an even better prospect!!

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