Role Playing Mixed With Dirty Talk!

Role-playing is an excellent way to introduce your partner to the joys of dirty talk. Even the most inhibited and shy lovers seem to take on a whole different persona when it comes to bedroom role play. The joy of role playing is being able to truly act and feel like someone else.

Costumes and props can make the dirty talk involved in role playing even more realistic and unrestrained. Many times the ability to hide behind a brash and adventurous character allows a person to really let loose with the expression of exactly what they want and what they want to do to you. You may notice your lover will adopt an accent, or use the really nasty words without flinching or blushing.

The bawdy talk and behavior will carry over to your physical activities too so that you may find yourselves pursuing acrobatic and intense pleasures while you continue to play the roles of your alter egos. The freedom of expression in role playing may surprise you if you’ve never given it a lot of thought, or wrote off role playing as cheesy and unnecessary.

If you’re at a loss for role-playing ideas, you can start simple:
Pirate and Lady- Just picture Captain Jack of Pirates of the Caribbean verbally sparring with Elizabeth while the sexual tension builds; only you get to choose your own ending.

Doctor and Nurse- Okay does Grey’s Anatomy mean anything to you? Lusty interns, on call rooms and lots of rowdy activity, ya can’t beat it.

Teacher and Student- Now this is not a pedophilia thing. More like the stuffy respectable professor and his lusty co-ed college aged student who is determined to help him locate his passion.

Tourist and Foreigner- Surely you have thought about the thrill of seducing a stranger while you are in a foreign land. The idea of one night of passion that you’ll never forget or be able to repeat, will really up the ante for the sexual antics in the bedroom.

All of these are good beginning ideas for role playing in the bedroom; you can use them or come up with your own. Just keep in mind that the idea is to really step outside your comfort zone and explore the fantasies and conversation possibilities with your partner. If you aren’t comfortable with dirty talk, you may find that role play will free your tongue and your mind.

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