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Role Playing 101

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Role playing can take a couples sex life to a whole new level if done correctly.  There are so many different (and somewhat cliché) roles out there that it can be hard to choose which one is really going to hit the spot… (Or help him hit your g-spot!)  Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started.

Before you begin to role play, think about this, it’s not about being in a role you are comfortable with, its about stepping outside the box, in a sexual way.  For example, if a woman is a little on the shy side, don’t go after the sexy school girl, go after the dominatrix!  Taking yourself a little out of your element is what can make role playing and the sex involved so incredibly explosive!

Next, here are some erotic and kinky ideas for you and your partner to experiment with:

  • The Dominatrix is always fun, but you have to get into it!  No cutting corners with this one.  Taking on this role is about controlling your man, no questions asked.  A little bit of pain involved can really get a man and woman going. Make sure you add the whip and stiletto heels for this one ladies!
  • As an avid sports fan myself, I know my man would love seeing me clad in a jersey of his favorite team.  It may be a difficult decision whether to leave it on or off once we get up to the bedroom, but all I know is he is definitely not thinking about who won or lost the game once he sees his sexy girlfriend in spandex shorts and super-tight Broncos jersey!
  • The sexy nurse is perfect for when your man may be feeling a little under the weather.  He doesn’t have to, but what man doesn’t love being taken care of by a sexy woman who also wants to get in his pants?
  • Finally, bring out the animal within you two by role playing a jungle theme.  Sure this might sound a little like Halloween, but no costumes are even required!  Make some jungle juice and sport around the house in your birthday suit. It doesn’t get too much closer to nature than being naked.  You two won’t be able to keep your hands off each other! Whether you decide to dress up for the jungle theme, or stick to natures most natural protection, make sure the noises from the bedroom give those howler monkeys a run for their money!

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