Role Playing 101

fun-role-playDirty talk and adult role playing tend to go hand-in-hand. When you start down the road of dirty talk, you might wind up expressing fantasies and desires that you never knew you had — or ones that you knew existed in the back of your mind, but that you never shared with anyone else. Sometimes those fantasies can turn into seriously naughty dirty talk sessions.

One of my favorite dirty talk moments happened when my lover told me he loved a woman who could take control of him. I immediately latched onto the scenario and started telling him what I should do to him. “I should tie you to this bed and tease you until you’re begging to come” was the way I started out. Rather tame, perhaps…because soon we worked up to the more serious naughty thrills, like “I’m going to tie you to the bed and invite that pretty blonde from next door to come in here and ride you while I watch. You had better not come for her — if you do, I’ll punish you.”

Now, I would never really dream of inviting the pretty blonde neighbor into our bedroom! I would never consider letting another woman have a go at my man, either. But when we were in the throes of dirty talk, the mere thought was a turn-on for both of us. And in the end, both of us got off on the mere thought of what I had suggested.

We had just crossed the threshold from naughty talk to dirty role-playing!

Adult role playing is simply taking on the persona of someone else while in the midst of your sex play. You probably do this from time to time without realizing what you are doing. If you open up about a fantasy and ask your partner to talk to you about it, you’re on the verge of role playing. If you actually take that fantasy and talk through it, while going through the motions during your sex play, you’re participating in role playing!blindfold-fantasies

You can spice up the role playing by adding props to your scenario. Soon I really was tying my lover to the bed, and even blindfolding him so that I could taunt him about the thought of someone else being in the room. I found black thigh-high boots that fit like a dream, invested in some black lingerie, and even found a nice snappy whip to surprise him with one evening. I was suddenly the dominatrix who got off on letting other people pleasure my man while I watched, and he was playing the role of the submissive slut who did whatever I wished.

In our day to day lives, we are absolute equals in every way. In the bedroom, however — well, that’s where role playing comes in!

It’s so easy to go from dirty talk to adult role playing. If you are interested in exploring those wicked fantasies with your partner in a safe way, you can always turn to role playing. Start out with dirty talk, and use it to explore the fantasies without any pressure for either of you. Gradually begin to introduce props into your play, and soon you will both be able to move into a full-fledged role playing sex game.

Did you ever dream dirty talk could lead to so much more?

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