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Revenge Sex: Getting Back Never Felt So Good

You know the story about revenge sex, don’t you? A guy gets dumped by the girl he thought was in love with him, and by the end of the night he’s sleeping with her best friend, making his revenge sex ultra-personal. A girl finds out her boyfriend has been dipping his stick where it didn’t belong, and she gets back at him by banging some anonymous guy she met at the bar — and of course, she calls and leaves snippets of her sexual escapades on his answering machine.

Revenge sex has two purposes, for the most part: The first purpose is to ease the pain and lonely nights that hound you in the wake of a serious breakup. What better way to feel desirable, and to show someone you are still wanted (if not by them), than to engage in some rough-and-tumble revenge sex that makes you forget all about your ex for a while?

But the other purpose for revenge sex is a bit more sinister, though perhaps even more satisfying: It’s about making your ex jealous, and showing them what they gave up when they walked away from you. Revenge sex shows your ex that you are still hot as hell, and that you can still romp with the best of them. This works especially well if you wind up sleeping with someone that your ex was a bit nervous about, such as that cute trainer down at the gym or that man who had his eye on you since your high school glory days.

Then there’s the third kind of revenge sex, the type that is even sweeter than the rest, because the ending is what you have always hoped you could use to get back at the one who wronged you. Luring your ex into bed — after he has realized the error of his ways — and giving him the best sex you have ever bestowed upon him, all the while making you wonder where you learned those new tricks, is a great way to get his emotions all tangled up. You can even talk dirty to him in your hottest language, telling him about your new tricks, or even taunting him with the visions of how good your revenge sex lovers really were.

Then when you have him right where you want him, basking in the afterglow and saying “wow” with the little breath he’s been able to catch, you give him a sad smile and say, “I’m sorry…but it just doesn’t feel the same. I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

Of course, it depends on how cruel you are on that particular day, and how badly you were hurt when your ex stepped out — but what’s that old saying? Revenge — especially revenge sex — is best served cold!

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