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Rev Up The Dirty Talk Engine With Exhibition

You know you like to watch. And you know you love it when your lover watches you. But did you know that a bit of exhibitionism in a public place can rev up the dirty talk engine for later?

There are a few very clear-cut things you can try to get your lover’s blood boiling. From those few things, you can spin off endless possibilities. The next time you want to get your lover raring to go long before you hit the bedroom, try these little tips:

Wear something sheer. You can act like it’s completely innocent, but your lover will know it’s not. Wear something that accents your body and shows off your nipples, or the cleft of your thighs, to full advantage. It might be something worn under a jacket, so you can always put something on over it if you start to get shocked looks from others. But for your lover, seeing you “almost” exposed will be hot as hell!

Wear flashable clothes. Clothes that you can lift up, pull to the side, or otherwise manipulate to show more flesh than was originally intended are perfect for getting the party started. Imagine leaning over in front of your lover to pick something up off the bottom shelf and quickly flipping your skirt over your hips, showing him that you are wearing nothing underneath. It’s a quick glance, no more than a few seconds, but the effects can last so much longer.

Tell your lover. Whisper into his ear about the fact that you aren’t wearing panties. Ask him if he can see the line of your breasts through that sheer fabric. Sit on his lap and discretely grind against him until you feel him “pop” to life, and then whisper coarse words into his ear about what you want to do with that — right here, right now. You don’t have to lift your skirt or make any sort of a scene. Your words can be enough to send his imagination through the roof.

Finally, choose a place where you might not be caught…but then again, you might be…and engage in a quick petting session. That dressing room at the mall, or that dark alley just outside the bar, or better yet, the front seat of the car as you’re sitting at the red light – they are all places that lend themselves to a bit of sensual play. Don’t go all the way, but go far enough that if someone were to see you, they would be either mesmerized or disgusted, depending upon their attitude toward such things.

And when you get home, well…the exhibition you tried while you were out and about will translate into passion between the sheets! Then you can begin planning the next round of showing off.

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