Seducing His Mind: First-Date Conversation Tips

As women, we tend to savor pre-date planning. We change clothes a dozen times, put our hair up and take it back down again, and poll our girlfriends about which panties – if any – we should wear. We make sure every inch of our body is scrubbed, shaved, and scented. Men are visual creatures, and making a good first impression will take you far. But if you want more than a … [Read more...]

Your Voice Is All The Dirty Talk He Needs

Are you in the midst of a long-distance relationship? Does you and your partner have crazy schedules? Do the both of you work so much that there is hardly any time left over for love making at the end of the day? Does your partner often say how much he misses you and wishes he could spend more time with you? Everyone knows that phone sex can work wonders for keeping a … [Read more...]

What Not To Do When She Breaks Up With You

Sorry guys, I’m picking on you again. Today we are going to discuss the things that you may have done in the past when a girl breaks up with you, and we’re going to explain why those are things you shouldn't do. Breakups are hard, but the way a person responds to the break up can make all the difference in just how hard it is to deal with, to get over and to move … [Read more...]

What Not To Do On A First Date

Okay today’s what not to do is for everyone! Whether you are a guy or a girl there are things that you should not do on a first date. (Sex, by the way is entirely up to you!) Don’t spill your guts about an ex. If you’re single at the moment that’s all that matters. What is in the past is in the past and should not be brought up on this promising first date. Don’t … [Read more...]

Sexy Gift Ideas For A Dirty Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means! Most people like to get it on when this day of love rolls around, and often going "all out" in the sexual department makes this special holiday one you will never forget. Consider these gifts for your lover -- and get ready for a mind-blowing time! … [Read more...]

More Sexy Gift Ideas For Your Dirty Valentine!

Need more ideas for what to get your Valentine this year? We started out with a naughty list in yesterday's post, and now we're back with more unique ideas that are sure to get your lover hot and bothered! Which one of these naughty gifts will have both of you begging for more? … [Read more...]

The Most Romantic Dirty Talk – Is It Time for the L-Word?

Valentine's Day usually brings out the romantic in us. It's a time of sharing the wonders of love (and lust!) with those who matter the most. It is often a reminder of just how wonderful our lover is, and this day set aside to commemorate how you feel about them can make you start to really evaluate just what they mean to you. Now might be a good time to consider saying … [Read more...]

The Only 3 Things You Need to Make an LDR Work!

Nobody likes the Long Distance Relationship. The LDR. The people that say they do are the ones that are ‘making the best of it’ and making it work. And every relationship takes a lot of energy, a lot of work, and a lot of time. Add some distance into the equation and the energy and time required quadruple. If you are considering getting involved in an LDR, or wondering if … [Read more...]

Seduce Your Man

If you are in a relationship and want to spice things up a bit there are several small things you can do over the course of a day or even a whole week that will have him lusting for you. Over time relationships can slide into a comfortable but in fact quite boring rut. If you let things continue in that manner you are sentencing yourself to a mundane sex life, and no one … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Celebrate Long-Distance Anniversaries

When you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s more important than ever to celebrate those little things that bring you closer together. The distance between you, however, does  not mean you have to settle for substandard or unsatisfying celebrations. Try these ideas when you want to mark a memorable occasion: Plan to spend a day together. Whether it’s on the … [Read more...]