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Three Ways To Pamper Your Partner

We all love to be indulged. And when someone else takes the initiative to show us they care by indulging us, that’s a sure fire recipe for relationship success; especially when multi-sensory stimulation is employed. There have been uncountable articles written about sexual indulgences, but what is equally important to …

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Keeping it Strong Across the Miles

maintaining long distance relationship

You know that old saying about how distance makes the heart grow fonder? Well, it’s true – if you know how to keep the distance hot and spicy! Revving up a relationship over the miles can be tough. Sometimes it seems as though geography, times zones, and a million other …

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How Love Notes Keep the Fire Raging!

Maybe you know what to say to your partner when you’re both in bed in the heat of the moment. But what about those times when you’re apart? Talking on the phone might not be possible, and email might be impossible too, depending on the work situation and who might …

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A Dirty Talk Psychology Lesson

couple rubbing their noses together in love

Even after all of your best efforts, talking dirty might not come easily. You might have read every one of these blog posts (and if you haven’t, well, you should!). You tried out the fantastic Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty. You gave all the tips and tricks a good try. …

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101 Signs That It’s Over

1. Your lover is sleeping with someone else. 2. She just burned all your clothes on the lawn. 3. Your sheets smell of someone else’s perfume. 4. Someone keyed the words “It’s over” into your car. 5. You got the “dear john” letter. 6. She went to her mother’s and …

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Those Naughty Words…on Paper?

writing a love letter to a mistress

That’s right! When you want to talk dirty but you don’t quite know how, why not start out with something a little less likely to make you blush? Begin by picking up a book of dirty stories, or finding a few on the internet to read. Which ones make you …

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