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Relationship 101: How to Know It’s Serious

When you enter into a relationship, it is probably with the highest of hopes. You might just want a quick fuck-buddy, or you might want something a more permanent relationship; whatever it is, you’re all in! But even the most casual of relationships can turn serious over time. Here are a few fun yet true ways to know if your relationship has moved on to the next level:

Your clothes are in her closet. You spend so much time at her place that eventually, your clothes begin to migrate in that direction. Perhaps you intended to spend one night at her house, so you brought a change of clothes, but then you forgot your t-shirt. The next time you see it, she’s wearing it, and it turns you on. So you begin leaving things on purpose. This is the marker of a true “I want a relationship” sign, though you might not have said it yet.

Her personal items are in your cabinet. Perhaps she tried out your shampoo one day, and decided it didn’t work well for her. So she brought hers over the next time. It ended up in your shower, where it stays, right next to your razor. Maybe you’ve found a tampon or two tucked under the vanity, or her perfume bottle has established its own relationship with your medicine cabinet.

The fridge is stocked with things you both like.
You hate pudding but she loves it, and that’s why you bought it the last time you went to the grocery store. It sits in your refrigerator, right next to the beer and that cheese stuff that you love but she can’t stand. When you’re sharing fridge space, there’s no doubt about it — you’re sharing a relationship.

She leaves the bathroom door open.
For some women, this is a huge step up the trust ladder. She has shared so much of her body with you in bed, and now she’s ready to share more of her personal time. Her very personal time. Men are often fascinated by the fact that a woman will leave the bathroom door open from time to time while she’s taking care of business. It’s like a window into a secret world. If she gives you this, you’re relationship material.

You answer each other’s phones. This is a very big deal on the relationship scale. If your phone rings and you are comfortable with asking her to answer it for you, that’s a sure sign that you’re ready to move into serious relationship territory. That call could be your mother, your brother, your best friend, even your ex — and you are trusting that part of your life with her. If she does the same “can you get that?” with you when her phone rings, buckle down, honey — you’ve officially reached relationship territory.

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