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Public Dirty Talk? It Can Be Done!

Who doesn’t like to show off a bit? Even the most introverted of us have moments of wanting to be recognized for something, even if that recognition is only from one person among a sea of people. That’s part of the appeal of public dirty talk — the sea of people around you has no idea what is really going through your head, and the only person who truly knows is the person who is hearing those naughty words you whisper into their ear.

Doing anything in public, whether it’s a naughty whisper or a spank on the butt, can whip your emotions and your libido into a frenzy of want and need. Not sure how to begin with the public dirty talk? These tips can help you figure out what to say and when to say it.

In a crowded room…When you and your lover are in a crowded room, such as a bar or a nightclub, sultry dirty talk is the name of the game. If the music is too loud to hear yourselves think, make sure you lean in close to say what you need to say. Talk about the throbbing beat, the rhythmic lights, or the nearly-naked bodies on the dance floor. A possessive hand on the thigh will drive your point home even further.

In a quiet room. Give your lover that special look from across the room. Whisper something naughty as you walk by, and make a game of “meeting” in the room as often as you can without drawing suspicion to yourself. Tell your lover how you would like to bend them over the buffet table, or how you can’t wait to meet them in the bathroom in an hour. Let the anticipation build with every quick phrase you utter into their ear, and let your smile say the rest. You’ll be ready to claw each other out of your clothes in no time!

At that dinner party. Sit close together and talk to your partner about what you want to do to them with the things in front of you. Is there a nice slice of fruit on your plate? Tell them where you want to put it, and how you want to eat it. Tell your lover how wet or hard you are, and how you want to get out of there early and fuck in the car. Or talk about your fellow dinner companions — who would be up for a threesome? An orgy? Who is cheating and who is not?

At the office. Get on your dirty talk while at the office by texting, sending post-it notes in office correspondence, and other small dirty talk ideas that heighten the thrill of what you will do when work is over…or when you can sneak away to the supply closet for some “inventory.”

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