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Public Dirty Talk Lesson: On The Beach

Talking dirty doesn’t have to be done in the privacy of your bedroom! You can make things hotter by taking it elsewhere – and you can make things especially steamy by taking it public!

But how can you pull off such a thing without embarrassing yourself or getting arrested? Being subtle and watching your partner for cues is the best way to keep things on the “down low” while you are talking dirty – and nobody else will ever have to know.

Let’s look at the beach, for instance. Now that water weather is here, do you want to talk dirty to your partner on the sandy beaches?

When you and your lover are walking along the waves, don’t hesitate to get in a few ideas about what you might want to do when the sun goes down! Here are a few tips:

  • When you see someone riding a surfboard, point it out to your lover with the statement, “I would love to be riding something hard later.”
  • When you’re putting lotion on each other’s bodies, remind your lover that you would love to feel that lotion in places other than those that are acceptable for public viewing.
  • If you are wearing a swimsuit you can move around quite a bit in, flash your partner by moving the bottom of the swimsuit over for just a moment.
  • When you drink something cold, let the liquid trickle down your chest a bit – and invite your lover to lap it up.
  • Tell them how you like the way sweat gleams on their skin.
  • Go into the water and play. If you can get far enough away from the other people in the crowded water, fondle your partner until neither one of you can think straight anymore.
  • Suntan lotion, massages, bare skin, and sexy tans go with the territory. Make sure your fingers touch every part of your lover’s skin. Slide your hands just slightly under their swimsuit while you whisper how you can’t wait to get back to the room and touch all that skin that’s being covered.

Those tips are just enough to start you off – what other naughty comments can you think of to entice your lover while you are at the beach? Best of all, you’re both getting turned on in the midst of all those people. If you’re an exhibitionist (or even if you’re not), that’s a nice little way to rev the engine in the summer heat!

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