Pssst…Want to Know the Secret of Happy Couples?

Happy Couple

You know them when you see them. They are the couple that has been together for so long, they can read each other’s thoughts. They might not say a word at the breakfast table, but their looks at each other over the morning paper speaks volumes. They are the ones who touch without realizing they
You know them when you see them. But do you know their secret? Do you know how they became so close? How can you capture some of that intimacy for yourself and your lover?do it, who anticipate each other’s needs, and who have a sexual chemistry between them that crackles like fire in a dark room.

Here’s the secret to the happiest couples:

They talk.

They communicate. They pay attention to each other. They talk through things when they come up, they hash out problems as they arise, and they head off most serious problems at the pass by talking about them before they ever come up, and establishing a game plan on how to handle it. They discuss everything, from the simplest of life’s pleasures to the most serious social issues. They know where they stand with each other.

That’s where dirty talk comes in. It’s not just all fun and games in the bedroom – though it certainly is fun, isn’t it? Dirty talk serves a larger purpose than just spiking up your sex life and making your naughty moments hotter than ever. Dirty talk is another avenue for loving couples to express themselves and talk about what they want.

Desires and fantasies reveal quite a bit about a person, and if you know those little secrets to unlock your lover’s passion, your sex life is hot. But did you ever think about how much better it makes your life outside of the bedroom?

The increased intimacy between the two of you spills over into everything else you do. Suddenly you see your woman whispering sweet nothings in a mans earlover in a different light. Even the little things take on a richer meaning. You share an intimate secret now – you know something about his innermost thoughts that no one else does. That kind of secret between the two of you is a sweet thing that leads to even more openness, trust and sharing.

The more you share with your partner, the better you know him. The better you know him, the more you understand the things he does – even during those times when you don’t agree with him. You have more patience with him. In turn, he has more to tell you, and now that he knows he can be open with you, he will tell you even more.

Dirty talk leads to all of this! So don’t consider dirty talk to be just another part of your sexual arsenal. Recognize it for the powerful bonding it is, and relish the fact that you now know the secret to happy couples – and with the help of all that increased communication and intimacy, you ARE one of the happy couples!

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