Picture Sext With Caution


With the current trend technology seems to be leaning these days, it’s hard to keep your privacy, especially if you sext. People can take snapshots of you doing something naughty on their smartphone and then upload them on many of the social networks available to the public in a matter of minutes. They can also film video and get audio. There is no easy way of getting yourself out of that kind of trouble.

So that’s why, these days, it’s uncomfortable to send a dirty picture sext to your love interests. It’s such a turn-on to receive those erotic entries (it really can bring some passion into a relationship- especially long distance relationships) but you never know and can’t be promised, if the relationship goes sour, that the person won’t put you on youtube or Facebook and exploit your erotic displays. So to be careful, here a few precautions one should consider before showing off your glorious naked body to others.

Hide Your Face – He really wants to see your tits. He’s losing his mind over it. So you run to the bathroom, pull down your top and snap a shot. Don’t send that yet! Make sure your face isn’t in it. Not even your hair. A quick sext of your curves sans face should be more than enough, even if he wants to show it to his friends. They will always be wondering if it’s you or not.

No Drunk Sext Messages– It may seem like a good idea at the time to strip naked after you get home from the bar – standing in front of the mirror baring all- to take a picture and send it off. But along with your throbbing headache, you just might hate yourself in the morning. Try it sober.

Delete Your Sent Box – There’s no telling it’s you if they can’t find it on you. And say you sell a friend an old phone that holds these blackmail photos, things could get ugly. If you’re going to send provocative images to someone, immediately delete the product. Clear out all those sext messages in your outbox.

Also, when in doubt, deny, deny, deny. If anything, it’ll conjure up mystery behind your sexual conquests.

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