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What If Your Man Is Shy?

woman whispering sweet nothings in a mans ear

Can you imagine a man who is shy to talk dirty? You just might be surprised! There are many men out there who are shy to talk dirty for one reason or another. Perhaps they don’t have much experience with it, or perhaps they had a previous lover who preferred …

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    The Ultimate Phone Sex Tips for a Hot Night

    girl with red lipstick blowing a kiss into the phone

    Want to get the most out of your phone sex session? Following a few simple tips will ensure that your phone sex night will be filled with hot, erotic encounters and no interruptions. Check out our phone sex tips and fit them into your evening plans: Lock the Doors. When …

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      Give Him What He Wants!

      two hot lovers about to have sex in the water

      Imagine a dirty talk surprise you would never have guessed. Imagine dirty talk with your partner that has covered all the sexy bases, and has revealed more than a few naughty fantasies that you would love to make a reality one day. Now, imagine that your partner has taken your …

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        5 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

        mistakes guys make in bed

        Gentlemen get ready! I’m going to explain to you why your sex life might not be as satisfying or successful as you would hope. Pull up your big boy pants because some of this may deflate your ego, but if you’re manly enough to get through it, I guarantee that …

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          5 Weirdest Taboos Ever

          What taboos really turn you on? Which ones turn you off? We’ve already talked about fetishes and what might get you off, even if you don’t tell anyone else…but these are “out there” taboos that really push the line of fetish to an extreme. These five taboos are a few …

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            5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

            empty bed after couple has sex in it

            Okay, this one is for you ladies out there. I know that you’ve been conditioned to think that as long as a man is “getting’ some” he’s going to be happy. I hate to burst your bubble girls, but men actually do have certain things that are deal breakers and …

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              How Love Notes Keep the Fire Raging!

              Maybe you know what to say to your partner when you’re both in bed in the heat of the moment. But what about those times when you’re apart? Talking on the phone might not be possible, and email might be impossible too, depending on the work situation and who might …

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