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Dirty Talking In Different Locations

woman undressing while riding in a car

If you haven’t noticed by now, my husband and I are into dirty talk! It’s one of those things that is absolutely necessary to keep things spicy and hot in the bedroom. We’ve tried making love with no words, and it’s impossible. We just love to hear those naughty words …

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    Nibble Your Way To A Night Of Passion

    woman covered in chocolate holding a strawberry

    Chocolate is by far the most widely known and celebrated aphrodisiac – a food that can increase your sexual appetite. And thanks to scientific research, we now know about several more delicious foods that can be used to get your lover in the mood.

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      Unusual Ways To Spice Up Your Phone Sex

      two phones on a bed

      So you’ve been having phone sex with your partner, but things are getting a little stale. Or maybe you’ve been in a long distance relationship for a long while, and you want to take things to the next level of intimacy. Maybe you long to be with your partner but …

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