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OOPS You Did It Again – How To Overcome Three Common Bedroom Blunders

Oh yes, we’ve all been there at one time or another. These are bound to happen to every one of us, whether they have already or they will one day, there are very few bedroom scenes that are movie perfect. For those days that are…enjoy them…for those days that aren’t…enjoy them. There is nothing to say that a little oops in the bedroom needs to impede on your fun in any way.

The trick is your reaction and how you handle the situation. Now of course, handling any situation with grace and dignity is hard on any given day, but even much harder when you are caught in it with nothing on but your birthday suit. We’ll talk today about some of the more common ones, meaning, if this has happened to you, don’t sweat it, we’ve all been there. Which means, your man has probably already even seen it happen once or twice. Follow these tips to get you through your OOPS moments, and if yours doesn’t fall here, always resort to the ‘laugh it off’ technique. If you can pull a blunder and laugh at yourself through it, you’ll definitely earn some brownie points from your man.

1. Did you pee a little? Don’t blush, it happens. Actually, if you DID, be sure to thank your man profusely, because this blunder most often occurs after the most outstanding of orgasms. This is also likely to occur during G spot stimulation, and almost always when we don’t realize it will happen, until it’s happening. Don’t freak out! If he’s that good, he’s been here before. Laugh it off, give him a kiss and a “wow! that was so good I wet myself!” He’ll be so stoked from your gratitude AND your confidence, he’ll laugh it off with you.

2. Condom mishap anything. Yes, the more accessories that come with the night, the more you increase your chances of blunders. And condoms while they are reliable little things, they do have their moments, don’t they? Chances are if you run across a condom blunder, he will be more embarrassed than you are. If it’s a matter of something getting…um…lost? Make a game out of retrieving it, and be sure the laughs are high, and this will make him feel a little less mortified. If something happens to the condom mid act, again laugh it off. If pregnancy is a concern for you down the road, you may want to get some emergency contraception the next day. Every situation is different, but again, the key here is to be as relaxed as possible, laugh it off, and resume your activities if the situation permits.

3. Goofy coitus interrupt-us. Any number of things fall into this category. Your Persian cat Snowball decides to jump on the bed and join the action, Johnny Jr has a nightmare and opens the door in the middle of the night, you fall off the bed because you’re having so much fun…you name it, we’ve all been there. Here is where your spontaneity comes into play. Put Snowball or Johnny to bed, or whatever it was that interrupted you, and while he is waiting for you (sighing over a night lost) arrive back in the bedroom with a negligee on, or some whipped cream strategically placed, or anything that will get him back in the mood in a nanosecond and leave him asking “johnny who?”. Falling off the bed is common too, if that happens and it’s just you, ask him what he’s doing up there and get down and join you. If you both fell…why are you stopping?

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